Upcoming Bay Area Rap Artist, G-Eazy + Eminem = AJTheKid?

Upcoming Bay Area Rap Artist Releases First EP of his "EP Trilogy"
Recently I had the pleasure of running into a new bay area rap artist. His name is Addison, but nicknamed AJ and as a rapper he goes by AJTheKid. I got a chance to ask him a few questions in the short amount of time we had because he was traveling down to Southern California to finish his first Musical Tour. Besides being incredibly humble, he is also quite the comedian. While I was writing a article in Starbucks, when I heard someone mutter " You want to write something interesting, interview me I'm the next biggest star." Instead of ignoring him, like I usually do to people who indirectly try to get my attention, there was something about his character that interested me. He told me a few snippets of his life and before I knew it I was actually interviewing him on the spot in Starbucks somewhere off of Highway 5. Here are some of the questions I asked him.
Q: AJ, is your rap name AJTheKid (oneword) or AJ The kid?
A: Its ONE WORD! "AJTheKid" and if your looking for me through search engines try "ajthekid" "ajthekid11" or "ajthekid415"
Q: Anything you want to say about your EP?
A: Yes, I doubt your mom would like it. If she doesn’t have her go listen to my R&B track, but separate from that.... Thanks to everyone who helped me on the EP, and supported me and my music while it was coming together. I also want to say this EP is basically snippets of my life growing up, some of the things you deal with being in the "Hood" and snippets of my life in Oakland. My Next EP will be a lot more universal, and hopefully my mom can listen to more than 1 song on my EP.
Q: Where did you grow up?
A: "San Francisco Born and Raised, though after getting out of the Marines I moved around and ended up in East Oakland right off of 90th and Macarthur, lived there ever since."
Q: What's your musical background?
A: Almost non-existent, besides playing the trumpet once and writing poetry, listening to rap and freestyling for fun.... Then a few years ago I started to slowly integrated into the Bay Area rap industry where I met an array of artists and had a lot of great experiences watching and learning from them. One of them ended up, who happened to be my favorite rapper took me under his wing. Besides having a lot of issues and s*** going on in my life, my mentor pulled me up from the hole I was in and showed me a different way of life. To me, he literally gave me a second chance at life. I always wonder if I never met him, where would I be. Probably dead or in Prison, and because of that I will continue to make music and do everything he taught me and make the best out of everyday I wake up to, because life is never given.
Q: Have you ever been on Tour or Performed?
A: Besides going dumb on stage with "The Jacka" and "Mistah Fab". Yes, I actually am going to do the last 2 shows of my tour this week. Come see me in LA and Santa Ana June 22nd in LA and the 24th in Santa Ana. I also performed at Milk in San Francisco, New Karribean City in Oakland, Blue Lamp in Sacramento, Five Star Bar in LA, and the last 2 I just spoke about.
Q: Do you have any projects your currently working on?
A: Always, Always, Always.... I did tell you this EP is the first EP of my EP Trilogy.... Which means there will be 2 more EP's before I release a LP then an Album, While at the same time hopefully releasing a Single every month if possible separate from my EP's.
Q: What are my biggest influence's in music, and who are my favorite rappers?
A: My biggest influence was "The Jacka", also my brother "Lil Rue" who has always helped me with anything I needed. Also watching all the rappers I've came across or seen in the studio working, or talking about what's going on in the industry. My favorite rappers are "The Jacka","Mistah Fab", "J Stalin", "San Quinn", "Tupac", and "Eminem". Oh yea and my bro "Lil Rue" he is incredibly talented.
Q: How would you describe your style?
A: My Style... I think I'm still figuring it out, but my raps are my experiences in life... some of the stuff I've seen, or done, and somethings I regret. My Raps are my mind, my life, my character.
Q: What made you choose your title of your first EP?
A: Besides growing up always being called Whiteboy, and also being the minority in the neighborhoods I Lived in after living in the Avenues.... especially when I moved to East Oakland, I swear I was the only White guy in a 12 block radius... So I guess I've kind of been the Neighborhoodly Whiteboy in the last 2 places I've lived. My Next EP that im working on now is called "A Few years of My Life".
Q: What's the funniest thing someone has said to you on tour?
A: "Im a big weed smoker, when I was on tour someone said if "AJTheKid" was a weed strain... the way it was made was by crossing "G-Eazy crossed with Eminem"…. I thought that was pretty funny and dope at the same time.
Q: What are my main inspirations for the music I make?
A: "Besides always loving music and wanting to be a "Rap Star", it was unrealistic to me because as a football player knowing what it takes to get to the NFL it seemed the same with becoming a rap star, but when I realized how much I love writing music and telling the stories of my life through music... I could care less about the fame.... I would say I could care less about the money also, but I'd like to be able to support my whole family and buy everyone a house on the same block.... so ill be shooting for that but the glamour and fame yea that’s fun, but if the money comes I could really careless. It's super therapeutic for me and I also love getting on stage and getting "Hyphy" with the crowd... I also wanted to write a book about my life... but that's a little much so writing poetry and turning them into music has worked a lot better for me.
Q: How has music impacted my life?
A: Wow what a question! It has saved me almost as much as meeting the person who got me into making music.... When I grew up, I was one of those ones who didn’t learn from his mistakes the first time and did a lot of stuff I regret, or that could have jeopardized my life or those around me... but am glad I went through it because if I didn’t, maybe I would be here today and sooner rather than later.... I actually did learn from my mistakes are started progressing towards getting myself back on track.... and now that I'm on track and going 100mph thing are going good for me for the first time in almost forever....
Q: How can Fan's, Artist's, Writer's, or other people get in contact with you?
A: Besides social media, you can find all my social media accounts on my website which is www.ajthekid.bandzoogle.com.... but If your lazy and have Instagram – Addison415 or Snapchat – youknowme415 go ahead and add the kid! Or Email me at ajthekid11@gmail.com
Q: Is there anything you would like to say to anyone reading this?
A: Yea why not, while most rappers chase fame, I chase a good positive life, and positive people, along with being able to support my family. I am different and unique or weird whatever you want to call it... Also I know my first EP is super hood... well that’s just a product of the environment I was in at the time I was putting this EP together. I'm trying to be more universal and I am. My next EP that I've been working on should have something for everyone. Besides that I have totally changed my life after learning a harsh lesson (Being Arrested for a Crime I didn’t do)…. I have such a different outlook on life and I want to express the old/new me and the old/new mind I have and create tracks that really make you think and dig deep into your emotions and relate to you in a way that only a few people who really know you would understand. We all have demons, but it's about learning how to live with those demons and turn them into angels.... until someone brings them out of course!
You can purchase his EP at (It will be on Itunes in a few days)
You can Listen to my EP at https://www.reverbnation.com/ajthekid11/songs
Or at https://soundcloud.com/ajthekid11
Find me on spotify AJtheKid (Oneword)!
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