Trayvon Martin All Over Again? 17-Year Old Jordan Davis Shot & Killed By Michael Dunn In Florida After Argument Over Loud Music [Video]

Jordan Davis


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In a case that is being compared to the Trayvon Martin killing, 17-year old Jordan Davis was shot to death on Friday at a Jacksonville gas station after he and several friends got into an argument with 45-year old Michael Dunn.


Michael Dunn


Dunn had pulled into the gas station with his girlfriend. While she was inside the station he got into a heated argument with a group of black teens in an SUV after he asked them to turn down their music.


Dunn claims he saw a gun in the SUV and felt threatened. He opened fire on the vehicle letting off eight shots, two of which struck and killed Davis.


Dunn, who is white is represented by attorney Robin Lemonidis. She told CNN that her client may seek protection under the state’s controversial Stand Your Ground Law.


"Self defense applies because Mr. Dunn was threatened," Lemonidis said. "We can't say what the defense will be at this stage … but Stand Your Ground is a possibility."

There were no guns found inside the teens' car, the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office said.

Ron Davis, the victim's father, is devastated. He said there was no justifiable reason for Davis to shoot at the SUV his son was riding in.


"He did something that there was no defense for," the father said of the suspect.


Ron added that his son was a good kid with no gang affiliation. He said the teens initially thought the gun Dunn pulled out was fake. When they realized it wasn't they tried to back up their vehicle before being caught in the gunfire.



Lemonidis says the four teens in the SUV were threatening to kill her client.


"Kill that motherf*cker. That motherf*cker's dead. You dead b*tch," are some of the threats that were shouted at Dunn according to Lemonidis. "And he sees a shotgun coming over the rim of the SUV, which is higher than his Jetta. All he sees are heavily tinted front windows that are up and the back windows that are down. And the car has at least four black men in it. And he doesn't know how old anybody is. He doesn't know anything, but he knows a shotgun when he sees one."



Lemomidis says any comparisons to the Trayvon Martin case are preposterous.


"That's ridiculous. Michael is not a vigilante," the attorney said. "He's a brilliant software developer. It was never his intention to kill anyone. There are no comparisons to the Trayvon Martin situation. [Dunn] is devastated and horrified by the death of the teen."



Dunn was arrested at his home on Saturday and charged with murder and attempted murder. He remains in jail after being denied bond on Monday.

What do you make of this case? Is it similar to what happened to Trayvon Martin?





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Comment by DLJSRDETROIT on November 30, 2012 at 9:34pm
He needs to get dealt with ASAP! That stupid a** piece of s*** should have kept minding his business!
Comment by Alexander on November 29, 2012 at 8:54pm
@BIGSOLO ... "you and you and mother" <-- obviously you're cut from the same cloth as those dumb a** kids. When you say "fat slob" look in the mirror buddy. Its racist to defend yourself? I'm sure if those "thug life" kids were white he would have done the EXACT same thing. Plain and simple ... the dude has a right to speak his mind. He's from the older generation of folk and the type to say something about loud music. Does that merit a car full of little gangstas attacking him. I'm sure when he said something they "politely" declined and said "no sir, please leave us alone we will not turn down our tunes" ... I'm guessing they probably got all gangsta with him tried to intimidate and probably threatened his life / safety and were gonna beat homeboy up. Given the guy had his lady coming out of the store at any moment he acted as I'm sure EVERYONE would in that situation. I'm sure if Mr. BIGSOLO were at a gas station and some n***** got all in his face, threatened him and were goin to jump his a**, and Mr Bigsolo happened to be strapped at the time. Bigsolo would have let off the gatt too. Or wait would you have asked for their IDs to verify age to make sure they werent kids and maybe tried to politely decline an altrication ? ... N**** please GTFOH
Comment by Trend Saga on November 29, 2012 at 1:00pm
I don't understand, there was no gun in the car, but he knows a shotgun when he sees one? What else is there to talk about? You n***** blaming the kids are beyond stupid. He's 45, they're teenagers being ignorant teenagers feeling cool in a SUV none of them bought. Do you watch the news? If dude were black it'd just be a bunch of black people acting 'fed up' with black on black violence and talking about how many years we set ourselves back. What kind of backward a** logic led you to believe black people would be quiet either way? You can't be black drawing a dumb a** conclusion like that.
Comment by BIGSOLO on November 29, 2012 at 12:28am
Alexandria f*** you and you and mother... Im from the city where this happened, so your racist a** know of nothing... That fat slob will die a worse death...
Comment by Murdoc6tre on November 28, 2012 at 9:29pm
@ alex, if he were black he wouldn't have gave 2 shiznits about some kids blasting music fool.
Comment by Alexander on November 28, 2012 at 9:22pm
if the guy was black non of you would be complaining. actually it probably wouldnt have made the news. kids now a days think they can punk or bully anyone. if you act up, you put your life at risk. plain and simple. self defense indeed. these are the consequences of "keeping it real" lol. act like a thug die like a thug.
Comment by True2HipHop on November 28, 2012 at 7:42pm
It's too soon to say our two cents all we have it's bits & pieces. Is there video footage? Plus if there was no shotgun why then pull out your gun, windows were tinted so he claimed he knows a shotgun when he sees one well where is it? Plus tinted windows blind you from seeing what's really behind them he clearly was acting out of fear in my view & over reacted. Hope he doesn't get off scott free. I'm white & I hope he gets what he deserves in jail.
Comment by C note on November 28, 2012 at 7:22pm
look at that scum bag lawyer defending him. This f****** guy didn't even call the police after. He ran off. This guy opened fire on the car. He could have shot in the air. They should actually hang that lawyer for defending him. The world is filled with a bunch of scum bags. I'm of mixed decent. I'm half west Indian and half Italian. This s*** is a same. I hope they put this f*** away for life.
Comment by C note on November 28, 2012 at 7:19pm
Honestly i don't think it's a black and white thing here. It's a fat dumb f*** killed kids. I hope they hang him. Don't blame it on race. This is a thing that has to do with just a moron of a human.
Comment by bigbankmoney on November 28, 2012 at 6:47pm
F*** dat white b**** nd da rest of em...BLACKPOWER

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