The Hell? Indiana Store Owner Selling "Darkie" & Other Racist & Homophobic Soaps Refuses To Stop. "Racism? Our Country Was Built On Racism" [Video]

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Noblesville, Ind. — Gary Dewester is under fire for selling soaps with offensive labels like: "Kolored Kids" and "Darkie" with a black man pictured in a top hat. Other soaps contained labels with other racially charged slurs.

The building owner of Logan Village Mall told Fox59 News Dewester's lease may be pulled if he doesn't pull his soaps. Dewester claims the soaps sell well. He said he buys them from Florida.

Dewester has refused to pull the soaps saying they are a gag gift and that people have become too concerned about being "politically correct." Fox59 News visited the store and had a lengthy discussion with Dewester. Following are excerpts of the discussion with him that lasted about 10 minutes.

You know this is offensive to a lot of people
Gary Dewseter : It's not offensive to me.

You're making money off of racism.
Gary: Racism? Our country was built on racism. If it didn't sell we wouldn't sell it. People buy it.

But should you be the middleman to make a profit off racism?
Gary: Racism?

People are going to be appalled at this.
Gary: They are? Then people are just too politically correct. How about gay people in our country. Would they be offended by "Gay Johnny" and "The Fairy soap." (Gary then showed the soaps labeled "Gay johnny" and "The Fairy soap"). This is free publicity and I hope it makes every channel, because people will come in here.

People will think you're a racist because you're selling this soap.
Gary: I'm a businessman selling a product people buy

Why would you want to be making a profit off of racism?
Gary: Because it's a legal product

But don't you have a moral principle not to promote something like this?
Gary: In our country the almighty dollar says it all, ma'am

Are you a racist?
Gary: No. are you?

No, but I would never sell soap like this.
Gary: Well, that's you're prerogative

Would you consider not selling it anymore? I think you''ll have customers, who after seeing this story, won't want to come to your shop.
Gary:I'm glad you people (Fox59) are putting it on the air because we're going to have customers. Some will come in and look at the soaps out of curiosity, and then buy other things. You people are the leaches of the world putting it on the 6 O'clock news. We've sold it for ten years and we've had one complaint in ten years. Evidently that one complaint a month or so ago, has built into this giant festering sore of racism. I'm selling 20-30 bars of soap a year.

And you say its popular.
Gary: Yeah

Do you believe some of your customers are buying because they're racist and they're getting a kick out of buying the soap?
Gary: Some of them think it's funny

There's nothing funny about racism.
Gary: Alright, that's your opinion.

Standing defiant to pressure, Dewester says he will keep selling the soap but he plans to do that somewhere else. He said he has decided to move his shop out of the Logan Village Mall in Noblesville. He maintains that he has a right to sell the controversial products.

Source: Fox59

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Comment by Greatness on December 12, 2010 at 5:49pm
U kno its sad for peopel to say that black people shuldnt care... Thats wy i wish the shoe could go on the other foot sometimes! Racism exsist becuz it can, becuz of the ignorence of people.. We all bleed red.. it dnt make us tha same but damn! Im not mad at old dude becuz he's jus doing what he kno's.. And in my eyes The Most High allow the strong to go through what the weak cant go through.. Im proud that white people feel or may feel tha way they do towards blacks, but I dnt agree he should be making money off of sale'n racist stuff but when u look at it only racist people is buying it.. It is what it is doe becuz this world neva going to change its all bout changing yoself for tha better.
Comment by Bone on December 12, 2010 at 9:45am
The soap is ignorant and would be a lame a** joke, but making it a huge deal is rediculous. I was watching Cris Rock Everybody Hates Chris yesterday and they kept stressin how black guy better not be dating white girl and thiey better not be white blah blah. I didnt take offense and I hear cracker this and white man that, but nobody b****** bout that or cries racism. Im so sick of white people this blah blah....I f***** hate cops and they dont like me and Im white so f*** you. Blame it on the man, not the white man. I hate mfers that act like I was given everything or it easy cause Im white, thats BS. I not rich, I struggle like everyone else  I think racism these days is mostly just a cop out for lazy people who want a hand out. Im white and Ive had 2 struggle like everyone else. Nothings been given to me, I had to work my a** off 2 get where Im at and its still a struggle everyday. Hatin sum1 for there race or sexual preference is ignorant once again. Hate a person because the way they act toward ya not cuz wut they look like.
Comment by Jason on December 12, 2010 at 5:40am
who cares its fuc.king soap
Comment by DeathBlade on December 12, 2010 at 3:24am
Yeah n**** you's a real hustla
We sell 20-30 soap bars per year, yeah we makin money
n**** i could sell that amount in a day, tryin to justify your racism
Comment by stayne on December 11, 2010 at 12:43pm
all my n*****ggas that were charged wth any crimes that these two dummies had anything to do wth start appealing them now ya might get off LOLLOLLOL
Comment by dandotc on December 11, 2010 at 11:27am
lol get that paper!!!
Comment by Simon Lagrange on December 11, 2010 at 9:40am
niggggas killin, robbin, hurting each other. they cant get at this guy?
Comment by Real Talk H.F.M.2 on December 11, 2010 at 6:52am
wheather or not he thinks its racist ...he knows black people are offended by it
yet says he cares for african american culture...? ...Urrrrrm so re-think your strategy and put something
else on the soaps you dumb f**** can say this aint racist is stupidddddd ...if its offensive ITS RACIST
point blank and he's well aware of that he just knows he can get away with it cause thers no black people livin in the area ...fact i if you know its gonna offend you would immediatly take it off the market
dont try tell me by him still sellin the product he's doin nothing wrong dumb are you?????
Comment by dee on December 11, 2010 at 6:24am
he only doing it because he know its no militant minded blacks out there.because if it was they would of been burned down the store.all them martin luther king minded blacks dont do s*** but talk.malcom x type of blacks take action
Comment by Petey on December 11, 2010 at 12:11am
its because hes white

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