Shots Fired, Officer Down! Freddie Gibbs Disses DJ Khaled & Clowns Officer Ross "I Just Can't Support No Bald Face Lying On Records. He Can Have That Fake Lane, I'll Stay In The Real One"

You can scratch Freddie Gibbs name off of the skinny jeans, mohawk wearing, making up lies on records mc list.

The Gary, Indiana native and member of 2010 XXL's Freshman Class is here to bring that realness back. He just dropped his banging new mixtape 'Str8 Killa No Filla' this week. And is in full grind mode as he gears up for his album 'The Devil's Palace' which will be produced by The Alchemist.

Gibbs raised a few eyebrows when he recently tweeted, "who are you? Rick Ross, Big Meech or Larry Hoover? the rap game is like halloween every day."

He talked to Complex recently and clarified what he meant.

"That’s real, man. That dude makes good records, but I just can’t support no bold-faced lying on records. I guess he’s entertaining people. It’s like a movie, like Scarface. He can have that fake lane. I’ll stay in the real lane. We got a non-fiction lane of rap, that’s how I’m looking at it now. So you got that fiction lane over there where they’re doing all them. I do the non-fiction, the autobiography, the real s***. It’s all good. S*** like that just make it easier for me to stand out, and easier for me to put my work in to be highly respected. I’ll never ever fabricate nothing or act like I’m something that I’m not or try to be another n****. I can’t do that. I just think you gotta respect the streets and respect this Midwest culture. I mean you can’t really trip on him yelling names out. This the same dude that told you he knew Noriega when he first came out, so…

Rap’s so f****** watered down right now, you can be a m************ C.O., you can kiss a n****, and as long as you making good music, these n***** don’t give a f***. With me I’ma make good music, be a man of my word, and live how I’m rapping. It’s a fine line between artistry and authenticity, and I just think that I just combine all of that, and everybody can’t do that. It definitely makes it difficult from a mainstream-radio standpoint, but I can care less. That’s only because these dudes have those machines behind them and those marketing dollars behind them to dress their fake s*** up. But I’m not trying to fabricate nothing or dress nothing up to be something that it’s not. I ain’t a n**** with no furs, but I’ve sold a lot of crack. A lot of pills. But I wasn’t that n**** like that. It seem like all these n***** in the rap game trying to tell the boss story when 90% of these n***** was never the boss. I was never no coke boss of my neighborhood. I was a shooter, a corner boy. So that’s the perspective I gotta tell you from. I can’t tell you that perspective with no n**** that live in those million-dollar houses, I ain’t never had that

Gibbs is no fan of the most obnoxious DJ ever either. In another Tweet he wrotemuch love to all the real DJs in the game. To all the ones that be tryin to rap and be diddy eat a d***.”

He clarified that statement also:

"I mean it was just a general thing. I wasn’t angry at nobody. Specifically I was talking about DJ Khaled, if people wanna know. I don’t like what he’s doing rapping on records and s*** like that, but you know, to each his own. I’m not taking away nothing that he did in the game or the success that he’s had, ’cause he’s done his thing and made bread, but I just think that so many n***** are making a mockery of this rap game right now. It’s like, real MCs doing they thang, putting this real s*** down, real lyrics, and can’t get breathing room ’cause you got f*** s*** like that. I think that s*** is garbage. I don’t like what that s*** stand for

He got his position, though. DJ Khaled ain’t a rapper. Don’t matter if you nice or not. Play your role, play your position. No way that n**** can be nice, listen to his f****** voice. [Laughs.] He a DJ. He do his thing. Scream on your records. Say “nigga” and all that s*** you like to say. I’m surprised m************ ain’t check him for that. Clowns like that in the game I don’t really pay attention to. I respect his success, and the way he did what he did to make his paper, but I don’t respect his art none whatsoever"


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Comment by GIZMO Tha Pianoman on August 2, 2010 at 1:20am
real talk from freddie yo, real mid-west s*** right here too, love da anthem, LB west coast love 4 ya!
Comment by Stalin on August 2, 2010 at 12:51am
man I got 2 artist im f***** wit right
Nipsey Hussle n Freedie Gibbs

Check out My New Mixtape
Stalin-Nothing Like A Females Touch
Comment by Simba NasSty Marvelous on August 1, 2010 at 5:17pm
Forealz forealz
Comment by Bx Finest on July 31, 2010 at 9:10pm
Just by reading this made me click on it and watch the video. This is hot, i'm diggin it. He speaking real s***. Bx running wit u, homie.
Comment by gjfghgfd on July 31, 2010 at 8:20pm
Kain Perry please shut your dumb f****** a** up with the gary farm s*** you p**** if you been here before p**** you a know it's far from being a fram you c*** suckin homo EAST CHICAGO IS HALF ARE WESTSIDE YOU D*** SUCKER Kain Perry
Comment by LaMarr Green on July 31, 2010 at 4:14pm
yo....its about time another dope MC besides g-unit and they cool fan base spoke on that s***!...yo and cool video too...MUCH RESPECT DO!...peace 1
Comment by JT aka YoungBo$$ on July 31, 2010 at 2:55pm
This song is dope, props.
Comment by Inca Peruvian Chico on July 31, 2010 at 2:04pm
yo this is the realist s*** that ive heard from a rapper in a hot minute...but everything he said i gotta co-sign 100%...keep doing your thing, and stand out like your doing
Comment by O DUBBZ on July 31, 2010 at 11:30am
Yeh Dat Gibbz S*** iz hot video kinda reminds of Public Enemy "Cant Trust it VID"
Yo yall check this Youtube clip From Cypher sounds N rosenberg of Overseer Ricky copy paste madd funny
Comment by JJ on July 31, 2010 at 10:14am
@Gabriel, let me put it in the simplest terms for you...Office Rick Ross worked for a department of a government agency that is dedicated and sworn in to help fight against violent crimes and keep criminals in the straight and, nothing wrong with's a pays the bills and it's fast forward 10 years, the same guy who was being paid by the government to help clean up America is telling stories about being a bad guy, a crack dealer, a big time kingpin, a still do not see anything wrong with that?

Doesn't matter what kind of cop you are...a judge doesn't carry a badge and gun but no way the Hip Hop nation would allow a judge to come out with an album claiming he is Al Pacino

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