Jay Z To Make At Least $1.5 Million By Selling His Less Than 1% Share Of Barklays Center


Jay Z will be selling his share of the Barclays Center very soon and will get a hefty price for it. The rapper owns slightly less than one-fifth of one percent of the Brooklyn, New York arena.


Forbes reports that the Roc Nation CEO will get $1.5 million once the sale is complete. That figure could actually increase based on the success the arena has had thus far.


Barklays is the home of the NBA's Brooklyn Nets. In addition it's getting close to pushing Madison Square Garden to the side as the number one arena in New York City for big boxing events and concerts. Within the past two months both Beyonce and Justin Bieber have performed there.



Through the first half of 2013, Barklays is the top grossing venue in America, making Jay Z's stake that much more valuable.


Jay has already sold his one-fifteenth of one percent ownership of the Nets to Jason Kidd for $500,000.


The sale of both shares will allow Jay to devote his full attention to his new company Roc Nation Sports. RNS already boasts Kevin Durant of the Oklahomo City Thunder, Robinson Cano of the New York Yankess, Geno Smith of the New York Jets, Victor Cruz of the New York Giants and Skylar Diggins of the Tulsa Shock as clients.

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Comment by billy bob on September 18, 2013 at 8:31pm
@kelvin ledford

You extra stupid a** n**** when did jay or anybody project his shares to be worth 300 million???? Once again it's been common knowledge for years that he was a minority owner when it came to the team and it's been know for over a year what his ownership of the barclays center is so why hasn't his net worth dropped if Forbes knew his percent of barclays was 1/5 of 1% for a long time so why would they believe that his shares were worth 300million n**** seriously the dumb s*** you're saying is leaving me confused Bruce ratner sold 80% of the nets to that Russian for 200 million right and this has been known for years that he owns that other 20+% and jay owned 1/15 of 1% making them both minority owners which they were listed as so why would Forbes or anybody assume his shares were worth 300 million? Ratner bought the nets for 300 million in 04 jay bought a 1 million dollar stake in the nets in 04 then ratner sold 80% in 2010 to the russian dude with the funny name the same dude who owns 45% of the barclays and gave a 700million dollar loan the build the barclays so???????????? How can jay project his shares to be more or worth more when it's been known for once again years how much of the nets he use to own and how much of the barclays he owns seriously the dumb s*** you're saying is leaving me confused
Comment by kelvin ledford on September 18, 2013 at 4:02pm
@ billy bob did you ever do maths in school stuppid n****. jay project his shares to be and worth alot more than they actually worth and base on this his shares were estimated to worth over 300 mil that take his networth over 400 mil but these shares only worth 2 mil cause thats what he selling them for. do the maths donkey minus the 300 mil he did not have in the first place, add 2 mil which his shares worth then tell me how much you get ;;;
Comment by Namaste on September 18, 2013 at 10:34am
Man 50 cent fans are so bitter nowadays! Lolz what happen to sk dropping? Don't worry I'll wait. It's been common knowledge how much jay own. Do y'all not remember they posted the story on here from that guy that wrote an article bout it in the ny times? Like I said 50 fans r bitter as f u ck and they wanna find anything to hate on since their boy 50 ain't making no real moves in music any more.
Comment by SFM SLIMM on September 18, 2013 at 10:17am
I see ppl mad at jay, he just a businessman doing what businessmen do, invest an make money doesn't matter about the amount it's the profit that counts.
Comment by billy bob on September 18, 2013 at 5:32am
@kelvin ledford

Do you realize how much sense your comment didn't make? You extra stupid n**** realize what you said you said and I'll quote your stupid a** you said 

"forbes estimate jay worth over 400 mil. and these ownership titles for the nets made up a bulk of his neworth"

And then you said

"jay z lead you to believe his shares were a lot more and worth a lot more. when they only worth 2 mil."

Only to say

"jay actually worth little over 100 mil if you minus the nets share which were projected to be about 300 mil.."

N**** you're beyond stupid it's been common knowledge for a while that jay owned 1/15 of 1% of the nets and you're saying a bulk of his net worth 300 million is because of his 1/15 of 1% of the team and 1/5 of 1% of the building even though you said jay led us to believe his shares are worth more when they're worth only 2 mill??? N**** he owned 0.06666667% of the nets and owns 1/5 of the barclays center which is.2%  and if my math is correct by the stupid s*** you said the nets are worth 450billion dollars or the barclays center is worth 150billion??? Which would easily make the nets the most valuable team in not only basketball but every sport in the world or the barclays center the most overpriced piece of property in the world and wouldve been far too expensive for the person who is the majority owner to build 

Okay i understand why he dumped his share of the brooklyn nets because if he didnt his sport managment company would be violating nba law but negro keep your stake in the barclays center
Comment by VeinyDickTracy on September 18, 2013 at 1:10am
Jay was frontin like Officer Ricky
Comment by VeinyDickTracy on September 18, 2013 at 1:09am
Pretty weak Jay Z. You supposedly have all that bread so there is no reason to have to front about being a majority owner in your raps. I see people on here saying it was a know fact that he owned less than 1 percent but that's only people like us that read these blogs. There are millions who believe he was an owner like Jordan. Is because he was pulling an Officer Ricky in his raps
Comment by 1THUG aka Tha NYCHA LEGEND!! on September 17, 2013 at 10:53pm
ya dumm neggaz keep thinkin jay a big time illuninotty, when he aint shet but a lap dog wit useful purposes!! shaq a mason...jorden a mason...it aint aboutt bein a mason...cos tha mason aint all bad...iss a small inner circle of masons that carry out tha real evel agenda... not all masons!
Comment by 1THUG aka Tha NYCHA LEGEND!! on September 17, 2013 at 10:51pm
i told you neggaz a long time ago...jay dont own shet...jay was used by barclays and bruce ratner to be tha FACE OF THA MOVE TO BROOKLYN...cos they hadda displace a lotta poor black and latino people to build dat complex and it was betta to have a black celebrity face and brooklyn icon to facilitate tha move...and jay gladly obliged to sell out his people!! jay zhee is a fuggin snake in tha grass not to mention one cawny azz sucka!! if i see jay wit out his body guards...im ice dat negga cheek bone!! im known for breakin teef!!
Comment by Takyla (Tiki) Robinson on September 17, 2013 at 10:13pm
Must be nice

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