Adela releasing new EP featuring Fat Joe & Kool G Rap

New EP release with feature from platinum selling artist Fat Joe and Hip Hop Legend Kool G Rap

1. It's apparent that your EP has a political vibe as much as it has a chill, kick back and relax kind of vibe. Talk about what it took to mesh those two feelings together on your record.

It is so hard to separate your personal life from your art, so I had no choice but to keep it 100 on this EP. I'm a product of the apartheid so there was no way I could sit back and not discuss police brutality or racism or the government we are currently experiencing. I have a president who opposes everything I am. I had to address that, but at the same time bring out positive vibes as well with other records. At the end of the day I am a person with many emotions and experiences. I want my audience to be able to connect with me.

2. Seeing is believing and everyone doesn't get the opportunity to work with some of the more successful, platinum selling and #1 Billboard artists. Give us a description of how you feel about your progression and expound on how your feature with the legendary Kool G Rap and Fat Joe came about.

I reached out to Kool G personally, not knowing if this was going to be a possibility. He heard the track and loved it and told me I brought my A game, which blew me away coming from him. Throughout the process of creating "Main Attraction" we formed a dope musical relationship, in that I know I have his support. I'm always first and foremost going to be a fan of hiphop so I felt like I got the rap blessing from G Rap. Fat Joe is family. My long term producer STREETRUNNER and him have been rocking for years so it was major to get him on the EP. He was also one of the first people to hear the project once it was done and he said "you got the G's on this one". At that point I knew I was headed in the right direction.

3. You have this burning affinity for Hip Hop in an era where different genres like "mumble rap" have taken the stage of popularity, where do you see yourself in that mix and how well do you see your music meshing with some of the mumble rap acts?

I am in an awkward position in the game right now. I'm still trying to find my niche. The industry is saturated with trap and mumble rap and I give those artists credit for what they do, but I just do me and hope the people gravitate towards it. I don't think we can mesh because we cater to different audiences. So knowing my lane is key as I push my music. Music is most definitely a popularity contest but I just want to ride in my lane and be the best at it.

4. Many have heard the expression that art imitates life and it is apparent that the culture of Hip Hop seeps into the fabrics of family life in urban communities, what was the meaning of hip hop for you growing up and do you personally see newer rap acts following your ideals of what Rap should be?

Rap, much like life is ever evolving and we have to respect that. Rap has always been about spreading a message. I sing and rap so I get the privilege of spreading that message in two different ways. I can only speak on my experiences. Do I think a lot of new rappers are spreading the wrong message? F*** yes. When did it become cool to be f***** up on drugs and alcohol? Why are they pushing pharmaceuticals like they work for these companies? Do they not see that sometimes their messages are killing the youth? Communities in general, urban or not need to be uplifted. I grew up in Miami in a roach infested one bedroom apartment. My parents left everything in Africa to give me a better life. So growing up listening to Tupac and Nas let me see both sides of life and it was my choice where I took my own life. There's more out there than red bottoms, bands of money, drugs and fancy cars.

5. Being successful comes with the stigma of having to follow up with something as great, if not greater. Do you ever worry about that stigma in the process of working on an album?

Honestly, when I finally sat down and looked at my tracklist on iTunes, I thought if I don't ever do anything else in music, I DID THIS! My music will last long after I'm gone and I guarantee it will still be relevant and bang out the speakers. Also, I'm independent so I set the bar for myself.

6. What more can people expect to hear and see from you before the year is up?

Now that this EP is out, expect more shows, videos, interactions with my fans. I want to hear what the people have to say about my music. Maybe one of them will spark the idea for my next project. I just never know when an idea will come, but I keep my eyes and ears open for the message.

7. Give one piece of advice to that aspiring artist that wants to be in your position in the future.

Make goals, long term and short term goals. That way you have tunnel vision when you are going after what you want. Also never be afraid to connect with people and ask questions. Also, GOOGLE! Just research in general. If you don't know how to do something, go find out and then do that s***.

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