Actor Sean Penn Goes In On Wyclef Jean. Saying His Run For President Of Haiti Is "Suspect". "I Haven't Seen Or Heard Of Wyclef In These Last 6 Mos I've Been In Haiti" [Video]

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Rapper and former Fugees singer Wyclef Jean made the first televised announcement of his bid for Haitian president last night on CNN. After several satellite interview segments between Wyclef and Wolf Blitzer, philanthropist Sean Penn shared harsh words for the Haitian rapper, questioning his motives and value as a leader.

"This is somebody who's going to receive an enormous amount of support from the United States, and I have to say I'm very suspicious of it, simply because he, as an ambassador at large, has been virtually silent. For those of us in Haiti, he has been a non-presence," Penn said.

Jean, 37, was born in Haiti but left soon after and was raised in Brooklyn and New Jersey. He established the Yelé Haiti foundation in 2005, providing aid and opportunities to the country's citizens.

Penn, who has been active in Haiti since the earthquake, highlighted allegations that Wyclef mishandled $400,000 donated for the country through his Yele Haiti foundation. "He claims he didn't do it. That has to be looked into it," Penn said. "I've been there. I know what $400,000 could do for these people's lives."

Wyclef's political motives were a particular concern for Penn. "I see in Wyclef Jean somebody who could well have been influenced by the promise of support of companies. I think Haiti is clearly vulnerable ... There is a history of American interests coming in and underpaying people. This is a culture or one to two dollars a day, that they were making."

Penn openly worried about American corporations and individuals "enamored" with Wyclef becoming "opportunists on the back of the Haitian people."

"I haven't seen or heard anything of [Wyclef Jean] in these last six months that I've been in Haiti. I think he's an important voice. I hope he doesn't sacrifice that voice by taking the eye off the very devastating realities on the ground," Penn said. "I want to see someone who's really, really willing to sacrifice for their country, and not just someone who I personally saw with vulgar entourage of vehicles that demonstrated a wealth in Haiti that, in context, I felt was a very obscene demonstration."

In 2008, Wyclef recorded a song called 'If I Was President'. Notable lyrics include: "If I was president / I'd get elected on Friday / Assasinated on Saturday / And buried on Sunday" and "Instead of spending billions on the war / We can use some of that money, in the ghetto / I know some so poor, when it rains that when they shower / Screaming 'fight the power.'

Source: Popeater and CNN

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Comment by BuckDat on August 8, 2010 at 11:22am
1THUG - "penn was in boats after katrina SCOOPIN NEGGAZ UP!! so dont hate on that he beat tha livin shet outta you know he a good negga!"

Funniest comment so far this month. Second only to your "Keanu Reeds 2 daughters" comment.
Comment by NetGuruINC on August 7, 2010 at 5:54pm
so he think he is qualified because he's moved dead bodies? Is that his statement? No comment
Comment by key on August 7, 2010 at 4:18pm
How the heck do you go to haiti in time of disaster( which is good thing to do) and criticize someone that has been there and doing good for a country since childhood. You dont have a right to an opinion because you are not voting, you are not haitian, and you dont have to live in the environment. You will be back in your hollywood comfort as soon as you are tired of working or the next good movie script comes about....dont care how you supposedly care for people...
Comment by piggy_smallz on August 7, 2010 at 12:17pm
Former Fugee Pras Not Backing Wyclef For President

NEW YORK -- Wyclef Jean's presidential bid in Haiti is receiving criticism from his childhood friend and fellow Fugees bandmate, Pras.

The Haitian-born musician says he will not back Jean because he lacks a definitive plan to bring the island nation into the 21st century.

"You've got 1.2 million people living in tent city right now.

What are the plans to get these people out," Pras said of the survivors of the Jan. 12 earthquake.

Pras plans to support Jean's opponent, Michel "Sweet Micky" Martelly, who he said is better suited to run the country.

"He's more popular in Haiti than Wyclef," said Pras.

Jean's publicist, Leslie Chasky, didn't immediately return a telephone call Friday night seeking a response to Pras' comments.

Jean is currently regarded as the front-runner in the country's Nov. 28 election. But he has come under scrutiny since officially announcing his candidacy Thursday.

Actor Sean Penn has accused Jean of not spending enough time in Haiti after the quake and misappropriating $400,000 of the $9 million his charity, Yele Haiti, raised after the disaster. Jean told The Associated Press on Thursday: "I just want Sean Penn to fully understand I am a Haitian, born in Haiti and I've been coming to my country ever since (I was) a child."

Pras said that Jean uses a private jet for his frequent trips to Haiti and that he wonders why Jean doesn't take a commercial flight, since the money saved can help displaced families.

He added that he loves Wyclef "dearly," but he just doesn't support his policies.
1hb6kfe6oickb Comment by 1hb6kfe6oickb on August 7, 2010 at 10:45am
Wyclef was on the Gayle King show yesterday stating that he has sweat in his blood from working so hard for Haiti. LOL This man sounds ridiculous. When he was asked what qualified him, he could not give one qualification. He went off on some irrelevant tangent instead. He said that his decision to run was made after he picked up dead bodies and realized that billions of dollars would be coming into Haiti. This man needs to stop talking if he wants a chance at people at people thinking that he is presidential material. The more he talks, the more ridiculous and less intelligent he sounds. Link to clip -
Comment by piggy_smallz on August 7, 2010 at 8:33am
@ Natty

I'd rather see Sean Penn President of the U.S brah !!
Comment by piggy_smallz on August 7, 2010 at 8:33am
@ Souljah

Naw Brah.. apparently not ALL knows how fuqq'd up the previous administration left chit.. but regardless, how do yall expect the dude to "fix" chit when he's got cracka azz crackaz comin at him from all sides ?You got motha fuqaz STILL askin for this Mans birth certificate and claimin all this nutty chit when they need to be focused on jobs !!! Hell I didnt get 5g's back when Bush was in office for buyin my crib.. neither did anybody else.. I got it THIS YEAR !! Dude has gotten Health Care reform passed, Financial Reform legislation passed, appointed 2 Supreme Court Justices and to be honest.. a hella lot more than ANY OTHER U.S President within the first 2 years of getting into office... You are right about that one point.. Americans can only deal wit RIGHT NOW thats why this country is fuqq'd up and steady takin L's all these lames hoppin on the F Obama bandwagon.. but truth be told.. all ya gotta do is put this in google "what has president obama accomplished so far? " and read the stories from legit reporters ( that means No Fox, I did say legit ) and then you'll see why niqqaz are dumb but Americans are dumber and just dont know chit...
Comment by Anco on August 7, 2010 at 8:18am
What does Tony Yayo and DJ Whoo Kid think about Clef running?

Do they even give a f*** ????????
Comment by Anco on August 7, 2010 at 8:18am
Sean Penn is known for not giving a f*** about speaking his opinion. He was one of the first advocates against the second Iraq war when Bush/Cheney/Powell were threatening Saddam Hussein, Penn even had a meeting with the former dictator. Penn really cares about people. I like Wyclef alot but can he run a country. And a country like Haiti? Haiti needs a real leader. Not saying Wyclef can't do the job. But can he do it well?
Comment by BK SOULJAH on August 7, 2010 at 8:08am
@smalls ......we all know what was done by bush and cheany.....yet obama wanted the is broke nobody wan't to keep hearing about bush bush bush......americans can only deal with now ,not right but thats just how it is......obama knows it wasn't gonna take 4 years to fix it....he wanted the job,take the s*** that comes with it



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