50 Cent Says He Doubts There Will Be A G-Unit Reunion, Explains Why He Talked Business With Manny Pacquiao & Speaks On His Relationship With Floyd Mayweather Jr. [Video]


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50 Cent returned to Ear Candy Mornings yesterday to sit down for a chat with Renada Romain. The two talked about how well the single "My Life" is performing, people doubting his music and if we will see a G-Unit reunion with Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks.


"Probably not," 50 said of the possibility of a G-Unit reunion. "You got people that grow in different directions. I've offered everything I could offer to G-Unit. I allowed them to be in front of my audience the entire time to develop their own fan base and have people recognize their attributes. And their defects at that point so what do you do? I don't care what other people want. I could give a f*ck if they want a G-Unit reunion. You can kiss my motherf*cking a$$ as far as that's concerned. I think when we get to the point [about] something the public is saying, it's a trend. It's an idea that one person had that other people are following. When did [G-Unit] dissolve? It dissolved as they didn't actually support the projects."



50 also discusses his relationship with Floyd Mayweather Jr., positives he's taken from their friendship and why he was discussing business with Manny Pacquiao at one point.



"My communications with Manny Pacquiao and his team was for Floyd Mayweather," Fif explained. "The company itself was initially being created to be a bargaining chip that they could actually split and look at it like it was a retirement plan. When you have a fighter that doesn't make money off anything but fighting and they're in that cycle of get the money, spend the money. You know that it's a comfortable flight, but the plane has no wheels. When it does land, it will crash land. So, if I'm sitting there and I'm trying to create that thing that's in between that allows them to be around what they're passionate about. And that's the sport of boxing. They've put everything into it. When I build it and you decide you don't wanna do it. When there's no income away from anything else but boxing and you know you can't fight forever. And you're saying 'I got 2 of 3 left in me.' And you see the actual fighter not fighting the toughest opponents. And navigating like 'let me fight who I think I can win [against].' When you see those decisions being made you go 'OK, hold up... let me start thinking about your exit strategy.' If that doesn't pop up then you don't have any logic with the way you view your life."


50 later predicts who he thinks would win if Manny and Floyd ever fought.



50 Cent Talks G-Unit Reunion



50 Cent Discusses His Relationship With Floyd Mayweather Jr.



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Comment by david daniel on January 27, 2013 at 4:01pm
Comment by Jonny G. on January 27, 2013 at 1:02am
Damn 50... you're not even willing to listen to your own fans. I actually looked forward to a new G-Unit album, not because of other people's ideas!(You also just categorized your own fans as a bunch of lame-a** followers) I must say I've lost some respect for you. Also, the only reason people "stopped" reppin' G-Unit is because the music stopped, kid.
Comment by Nsc on January 27, 2013 at 12:08am
@damon movies and rap don't mix u got that right but fif music has alway been ok nothing classic but I few tracks here and there but nothing horrible. Plus who would in they right mind would chose a few dollars over $20 where talking music and movies money here
1hb6kfe6oickb Comment by 1hb6kfe6oickb on January 26, 2013 at 5:32pm
Just listened to entire interview on SiriusXM. You can understand his comments better once you hear it all. He said his motivation for SKI isn't sales because he's been there and done that. He said he is motivated by putting out what he wants to express and something about taking it back to the energy he had when he first came out. Thismakes me appreciate MD a little more. He said as far as the public, you often have the blind leading the blind esp. w/ bloggers out there. And about the reunion he said people do reunions when they need to make money. He said it needs to feel the way it felt before and he didn't think others felt that way right now although he felt ok. She said his nickname should be "The Mind" bc he is so strategic. I agree. And she read his book and said that she was impressed bc he was so mentally motivating and really wants to transform peoples' lives. At least that's what I remember.
Comment by top 3 = Ross/Banks/Kiss on January 26, 2013 at 3:21pm
Thank You, enough said !!! people won't actually admitt that 50 is great at making hooks, and it helped that sha money was getting him them great productions as well as Dre after, but In the beginning I was like who the f*ck is this kid banks SH*T !!! but hopefully nobody catches feelings !!! and yes GRODT, Massacre, & the first G-unit album are pure classics !!!
Comment by SonGetWrec on January 26, 2013 at 3:14pm
@Top 3...what up n*gga. You also made some great points. As far as 50s success up to this point, I have all those mixtapes BEFORE he got on Shady/Aftermath and you and I both KNOW there's a HEAVY Banks presence on those tapes. For him to say what he said was completely absurd. He didnt do this by himself. And if he and Banks got into it on wax, Banks would tear him a new one. 50 used to be a great hook man, but he was NEVER lyrical.
Comment by top 3 = Ross/Banks/Kiss on January 26, 2013 at 3:07pm
at the end of the day he can't say f*ck the fans either just cause people didn't buy his project !!! people want good music !!! they don't care if u 50 cent or jay z or 2 Chainz whatever, if the people like the music they will buy it, if they don't they won't, no personal vandetta !!! don't say f*ck the fans cause your sh*t wasn't well recieved like my n*gga said !! look at mariah carey, that glitter alum tripe flopped in the U.S., she didn't say f*ck the fans, she came back with the "Emancipation of Mimi", one of her best albums in her entire career and it went to sell over 12 million albums worldwide !!! and that was after a seriious flop ! also, @grownupintheroom, u had a lot of great points !!!
Comment by top 3 = Ross/Banks/Kiss on January 26, 2013 at 2:46pm
@SonGetWrec, my g !!! just seen your prior comment right now, I was gonna do what @SMP did and litterally put no comment, but I just can't keep quiet on this !!! fif literrally sh*tted on banks & yayo simple as that !!! I understand his fustration towards the fans by saying that "us" the fans didn't support the prior projects to allow for future projects, basically f*ck us, he has every right to feel that way! why scream re-union when we the fans didn't support it (excluding the ones who actually did), but to say that "I allowed them to be in front of my audience" what else can I do for them is pure bullsh*t !!! he wouldn't be where he is today if it wasn't for Yayo, Banks, Sha Money Xl, Whoo Kid, himself and who ever else we might not necessarily be aware of !!! that was the perfect formula right there, and Dre/Eminem getting involved made it the perfect storm !!! Fif I hope u reading this, and know that I feel your ungrateful/selfish/&disloyal !!! Banks might say f*ck it and be completely done with you, but yayo would never turn his back on you, not after these comments, not after the previous comments, & not after your actions so just know u have a real @ss n*gga right there by your side to the end !!! I'm not necesarilly a fan of yayo, but he is one of the realist n*ggas on the face of this earth so just recognise that !!!
Comment by top 3 = Ross/Banks/Kiss on January 26, 2013 at 2:27pm
@hater squasher, you couldn't have said it any bettter !!! @thatn*gga253, I completely understand your fustration !!!
Comment by hater squasher on January 26, 2013 at 2:23pm
for yall a-holes who don't know .......hes talking about the same fans that want g-unit back are the same fans that wasn't supporting and buying the album .....think about it if g-unit is going double ...triple platinum then there would have been 5 or 6 g-unit albums by now but niccas want an album so they can bootleg it ...wow

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