10 Years Ago Today 50 Cent Released 'Curtis.' What Was Your Favorite Song?

Today marks the 10-year anniversary of the release of 50 Cent's third studio album, "Curtis."

The disc debuted at number two on the Billboard 200 with first week sales of 691,000. It featured the certified gold single "I Get Money," as well as the hit songs "Ayo Technology," "I'll Still Kill," "Straight to the Bank" and "Amusement Park."

What was your favorite song from the album?


1. Intro
2. My Gun Go Off
3. Man Down
4. I'll Still Kill
5. I Get Money
6. Come & Go
7. AYO Technology
8. Follow My Lead
9. Movin' On Up
10. Straight To The Bank
11. Amusement Park
12. Fully Loaded Clip
13. Peep Show
14. Fire
15. All Of Me
16. Curtis 187
17. Touch The Sky
18. Hustler's Ambition
19. Smile (I'm Leavin')

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Comment by Erik on September 13, 2017 at 1:34pm
Man Down, Still Will & Touch The Sky
Comment by North Song on September 13, 2017 at 1:16pm
I get money

Ayo technology
Are my favorite Hits
Comment by Blaze on September 13, 2017 at 1:07pm
"My Gun Go Off"
Comment by ThuggedOutNerd on September 12, 2017 at 8:03pm
Straight to the Bank, I Get Money and Curtis 187 my favorite songs.
Comment by ThuggedOutNerd on September 12, 2017 at 8:00pm
@jbrizzle and @united-gs, well said and I couldn't agree more. It wasn't 50 vs Kanye, it was 50 vs Industry. I mean Interscope was fully and strategically behind the 50 vs Murder Inc/Ja Rule era, and at the time, 50 vs NY Hip Hop Artists couldn't survive 50's momemtum. But when it was 50 vs Kayne, Kayne really was Jay Z, Def Jam, and in some ways Interscope too because of their lack of support. Also, here are some other factors to consider. First, 2007 was a year during the time Eminem was checked out musically and not as involved at all. Remember, Em was fully involved with the battling with Murder Inc and Ja Rule (granite Ja Rule called Em out and that brought in Em and Dre), but you have to factor in that Eminem, the guy who signed 50 and was 50's boss, was not involved to the capacity as he was when 50 went at Ja and as Jay Z was involved with Kanye. The absence of a strong Eminem hurt 50. Secondly, another factor was Kanye was Kumbaya My Lord with everyone from DJ Khaled, Lil Wayne, and anyone else dropping bangers from 2005-2007, Kanye jumped on the Kumbaya My Lord culture by being all cool with everyone, whereas 50 was strictly in house with Eminem, G Unit and Snoop as his major collabs! 50 didn't shift with the culture like Kanye did, whereas 50 shouldnt right, that isnt what we would expect from 50, but remember too Banks Rotten Album flopped, The Game had kinda had a little of an effective run against G Unit, Em wasnt dropping music and relevant at the time, as Mr. Porter put it, 50 was the only one holding the label afloat 2005-2009. G Unit artists were in limbo a bit, other than mixtapes, nothing else was poppin G Unit or Shady or Aftermath as a whole.
Also, it has been proven fact, Kanye has people that help him write rhymes especially on Graduation... 50 Cent writes EVERYTHING from hook, bridges, verses, and is one of the greatest song writers ever. Curtis is a better album, some of his grimiest records on there and super solid hits, I Get Money, Straight to the Bank, Still Will, and Ayo Technology, to me those are better than Cant tell me nothing, Stronger and Good life and flashing lights. I think Kayne was more mainstream, but 50 was better music.
Here is what I like about 50. Not one time, have you ever heard him rant about anything negative towards Dr. Dre and Eminem, he is loyal and respectful. Kayne acted like a punk b**** complaining about Jay Z in public, and also bringing the man's wife and kid into the mix. He should have been knocked the f*** out for that b*******.
Also, you have to understand the history of Fif, the whole industry counted him out after he got hit. He literally went at every single person in the culture on How to Rob, and survived their responses and came out on #1 and destroyed the wack landscape of artists. Fif does not care, he knew it was 50 Cent vs Kanye aka the Industry, he knew he wasn't getting support from interscope, so he created this match up to use the marketing dollars of Dej Jam, Jay Z, Kanye, GOOD Music, Rockefella Records, etc to sell his record. To me its one of the greatest heists of all time, he knew he wasnt getting support, so he pinned himself against the rising "guy" at that time to use the momemtum and he knew they would spend the marketing dollars on kaynes record, and Fif simply used them. Just as he did with Power vs Empire, Effen vs Ciroc, and how he used the DJs back in the day to sell his mixtape tricking the DJs to be his personal distributors. 50 is a mastermind. The industry has been against him since 2000 and 17 years later he has literally one of the most successful careers of all time.
Also, F*** Rick Ross lol damn he is a weirdo the way he creeps on Angela Yee and Martha Stewart, yea he is a descent writer, makes descent songs, but he is small time business compared to Fif, Jay, Diddy, Dre, Birdman.
Comment by united-gs on September 12, 2017 at 10:38am
@jbrizzle, well said...fif didnt lose to kanye, he lost to people more powerful, he didn't destroy rick ross, because too many people in the higher ups hated him...but that shows you how much power (no pun) fif has, how smart the dude is, anbody else would have been destroyed totally, would have been dead in the industry, but he kept his name out there and kept making moves, he kept putting out his own s***, his used social media and his own website to promote, not major promotions but enough to stay afloat

curtis would have done massacre and grodt numbers with the proper promotions, the album was solid as fck...fif did get a lil too cocky with the vitamin water deal though, made people hate him more lol...now jimmy and dre seem to be aight with fif again now

the end of this year fif gonna blow the fck up again, word is bond
Comment by jBrizzle on September 12, 2017 at 3:09am
Jimmy Iovine black balled him! There was no more marketing support. 50 put it all out for himself. Kanye was backed heavily! Same goes for Officer Ricky! Jimmy pushed him by allowing Puffy to side swipe him! Everyone did what they could to kill that monster! However, 50 did self destruct and he'll admit that today that he f***** it up! The dude still kept killing it though! The guy is the beast from the east! G Unit for life!
Comment by AL Edwards on September 12, 2017 at 12:54am
This Album was nice just slept on.
Comment by matt on September 11, 2017 at 7:44pm
the downfall of 50 started here. can't believe kanye won. fans were just sick of 50 winning and supported kanye just to go against 50. I get money was the s***!
Comment by Daphenous Reid on September 11, 2017 at 5:16pm
CAMRON left a Mark on him that's why he named it Curtis and it should of been his last album. Curtis Jackson was done as an artist he did to much jaw jackn his albums prior to this one was classics. I respect him as a person not as an artist he always worried about how jayz or nas do their thing instead of worrying about his music

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