Birdman Talks “Baby Money,” Retirement, Nicki Minaj Success, Takes A Shot at G.O.O.D Music + More

Baby sat down with Complex and talks about everything from how he's gonna retire when Wayne does, Jay-Z's "baby money" line, how Cash Money is gonna be a billion-dollar brand that drops 100 albums a year, how Nicki is gonna be the biggest female artist ever, how he might sign Rick Ross to Cash Money, and he even talks about the Birdman Hand Rub and takes a small shot at GOOD Music.

Check out some excerpts:

How many records has Cash Money sold so far?
We sold 150 million so far. Our track record runs deep. We’ve been the most dominant force of 2011, we gonna be the most dominant force of 2012. We have 16 releases in the first six months of this year. Our goal, as a brand, is to put out 100 albums a year. So I’m trying to figure out how we gonna reach that…

One interesting thing about you is that you’re 42 and you’re still hanging around with the young kids...
They’re my motivation. I wanna see them be all they can be. My son is like the world to me. We got a strong little team. They’re very talented and I dedicate my life to their future and what they wanna be in this music game. My motivation in this game is trying to make the most superstars as possible for our team.

We’ve got Nicki Minaj on our current cover. Do you think Nicki Minajis the biggest female rapper of all time?
I say she is, but if she’s not today, within time she will be. No female ever will be able to sell more records than her, have more singles than her, have more number one singles than her, have more awards—no more nothing. She had the most singles by a female last year. Her accomplishments are gonna speak for themselves.

I can say that now because that’s just her first album but she’s only growing and getting bigger and bigger. She’s a global artist. She’s a student to the game. She’s hard-body with her workload.

I watched her grow. We got Nicki off a street DVD. Wayne brought the DVD to me, me and him was on the bus watching it and it was her just rapping. At the time, Wayne didn’t have a female [in the crew] and we were rebuilding what we was doing.

We wanted to have a female that could really rap. Soon as we seen her, we were like “Wow.” Two days later, we flew her out and had a meeting with her. We ain’t never looked back.

What other teams in the music business today impress you?
Khaled’s We the Best. Rozay’s team.

What about G.O.O.D Music?
They’re doing what they’re doing too. But I think Khaled and Rozay are doing a little more. They’re a little more active with their acts. I ain’t talking about them as a brand, but their acts. You got Kanye doing him, but what acts do they have that are active and doing a lot? I’m looking at how much your team is doing.

Jay-Z said that line about “Baby money” and you were on the radio like “Man, we’re going to keep spending this baby money.” Instead of side-stepping it, you addressed it.
I thought that was funny for a n**** to holler out “Baby money.” I was like, “Wow, f***, what do you mean ‘Baby money’? N****, that ain’t no little money. We around here getting it.”

It wasn’t nothing, we ain’t trip. I was like, “Yeah, since it’s such a big deal, f*** yeah we got ‘Baby Money.’ That Bugatti and that Lauder jet comes from ‘Baby Money.’”

So when Wayne spit that line on “It’s Good” about “Kidnap your b****, get that how much you love your lady money” what do you have to say about that?
I don’t think that’s a diss record. It wasn’t more than what he said. N***** was G’ing up about what was said. We did that, done that, off that brother. We’re on our money train.

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Comment by unitg on March 29, 2012 at 7:49pm
This coming 4rom a dude that never pays producer always in court 4 a lawsuit and can't maintain car payments r u 4real baby only ppl who listen 2 YMCMBis young junkeys man ain't no real street n***** listenin 2 crackheads Wayne only this confused new generation who believes this dude
Comment by A on March 29, 2012 at 7:47pm
@richard allan you crack me up because you really go into detail im going to title you an official thisis50 analyst even though u go in over 90% of these bloggers heads
Comment by Lord cezar on March 29, 2012 at 7:18pm
aghhaha 100 album per year ahah stunner
Comment by richard allan on March 29, 2012 at 7:07pm
more than 8 albums per month to hit 100 per year. their employee base would have to be huge to market that much product and that means their overhead increases along with radio and dj payola and video production expense. that cuts into margin and that doesn't guarantee sales. NO ONE buys these albums. I can download the ENTIRE lil wayne discography at the pirate bay INCLUDING ever mixtape for FREE!!! Why would they want that exposure to risk? they can't find enough quality acts to release 8 or 9 albums to sustainable material per month. If they do this then you can expect the quality of their albums to sink even further. I know it's hard to believe that anything comign from this label could get any worse but you're about to see it happening if they follow this model.
Comment by Pleasure Boy on March 29, 2012 at 7:03pm
150 is jus part of this neggas vocabulary he didnt mean to make it sound like that lol, jus listen to hes music its always somthing to do with hunnet
Comment by Trend Saga on March 29, 2012 at 6:48pm
Baby always exaggerating or straight up lying about how successful him, Wayne and YMCMB are for no reason lol. He just be pulling this numbers out of his a**, though I do agree Nicki about to take over the world no matter how I feel about her raps, but anyway I wonder wtf be going through Baby mind when he say they sold a 150 million, does that mean lol.
Comment by IVA on March 29, 2012 at 6:43pm
Possetive vibes! But how much can you stunt and ball as a grown man! People starving!
Comment by Jorge Quiroz on March 29, 2012 at 6:19pm
F*** YMCMB!!!! If You Really My N**** You Know How ta Holla G G-UNIT !
Comment by Jus P on March 29, 2012 at 6:17pm
Lol...150 million albums sold? He must have 8 fingers and 8 toes.
Comment by curtis on March 29, 2012 at 6:12pm
@ NAMASTE Maybe your the idiot. do you know what a double entendre is lool?? why don't you read it up. Yes you're right he meant they had "baby money" as in small money in comparison to him, but it can also be interpreted as being about baby too. Ironically Birdmans other name is "baby" so he's also saying in comparison to birdman he has more money. 1 line with a double meaning

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