Kreayshawn Of White Girl Mobb Defends Using The N-Word "People Call Me That" [Poll]


Now that ink has dried on the reportedly hefty signing bonus she received from Columbia Records, the hard work begins. For Kreashawn her job is clear. Convince the rap world she and her White Girl Mob can be taken seriously.

Her youtube hit "Gucci Gucci" got people's attention. But it's a recent tweet with her using the N-word that has people talking.

“People are actin so funny omg lol… I got 200k views… not 200k dollars…WTF YOU WANT FROM A N*GGA?! DMX VOICE." she wrote on twitter.

The 21-year old, real name Natassia Zolot, defends her use of the word. Saying she is a product of her environment, having grown up in East Oakland, in an area called "murder dubs."

"Personally in my songs I don't use it at all. If I'm freestyling and I said it, that's just for that point in time. she told the OC Times "Any songs I'm writing I don't use it. But like I said in Oakland, Asian people will call Mexicans that. A Mexican will call a black dude that. A white person will call an Asian that. Everyone calls each other that. I feel like that word is used in the low income community more than anything. I can see if I was some rich crazy trick and I was just saying this because it's hip-hop. No, I was raised around this. Me and my sisters were all raised around this. People call me that. But personally I'm not flaunting it around. I don't say it in my music because of how, if I'm putting myself out there to the world there are going to be a lot of people who don't like it."

I guess "growing up around it" would explain why Kreayshawn's sister V-Nasty of the White Girl Mob uses the word in almost every other sentence in videos we've seen of her freestyling.

Is it ever ok for white people to use the N-word?



Kreayshawn "Gucci Gucci"


Kreayshawn's sister V-Nasty of White Girl Mob

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Comment by X-pert Pupil on June 11, 2011 at 1:14pm
lmao-4 someone to say that 9-10 people take offense, because of low self esteem, or some other b******* is lol nutts. I take offense because of the word RESPECT-Respect denotes both a positive feeling of esteem for a person or other entity (such as a nation or a religion), and also specific actions and conduct representative of that esteem. Respect can be a specific feeling of regard for the actual qualities of the one respected (e.g., "I have great respect for her judgment"). It can also be conduct in accord with a specific ethic of respect. Rude conduct is usually considered to indicate a lack of respect, disrespect, where as actions that honor somebody or something indicate respect. Specific ethics of respect are of fundamental importance to various cultures. Respect for tradition and legitimate authority is identified by Jonathan Haidt as one of five fundamental moral values shared to a greater or lesser degree by different societies and individuals.

Respect should not be confused with tolerance, since tolerance doesn't necessarily imply any positive feeling, and is compatible with contempt, which is the opposite of respect.

Some white rapper chick putting up a freestyle using the word 2 gain some attention show's RUDE CONDUCT.
This is not about the N word, this is about the R word.
Comment by X-pert Pupil on June 11, 2011 at 1:04pm
@ Everbody on this site - Julieann Koestner and mAcDezeaz both are WHITE and feel that it's WRONG. What don't most of you FOOLS not understand about this the s*** is WRONG period. Look would it be ok if EMINEM used it in a song? Now i know some would say," It's ok it's hiphop." Lol you should be shot, because you are the uncle ruckus OF this site period.
Comment by Konflict on June 11, 2011 at 12:57pm
she reminds me of a skinny white version of master p's artist "MOMA MIA" think that was her name bin so long I cant really remember...either way, SMFH,Twice
Comment by Essino-Dub on June 11, 2011 at 12:36pm
The use of the N word can be debated all day... but at the end of the day it's about respect and at the end of the day her using the N word is not a smart financial move
Comment by Sosavere on June 11, 2011 at 11:03am
@chris caval thats not what i meant i know the difference. just worded it wrong cuz im at work right now i aint tryin to correct s***. what i meant was there's lot of latinos that dont wanna be black. if you ask them they will say they rican or cuban but im not talkin about race or nationality. they say this cuz they dont wanna associate with being black. if you ask a dark skinned dominican "you black?" they'll get all pissed off and say f*** no! im dominican! thats what im tryin to say. dont talk s*** and tell me to pick up a book. you obviously got offended cuz you a latino that uses that word often pussssy.
Comment by deverly on June 11, 2011 at 10:49am
all you dumb N***** talkin like they are offended by the word n****/n***** are the same claimin they real and hard and keep it 100
well to keep it 100 with you, only p****** get hurt by a word that totally lost its meaning due to the fact that you use the damn word yo self in every possible way ( Waddup n****, he my n****, i'm a real n**** etc.)
All you guys talkin bout illuminati and b******* are really just some dumb f**** that think they got it all figured out.
Well news flash , the illuminati or bilderberg or NWO faggots(whatever you call them) want us to be divided over some b******* like this!!!
why the f*** is it okay for a black person to call another black person n**** or n***** but when a person besides black says this to a black person or whatever it is bad and s***.
You know what is bad? The fool y'all are makin of yo self actin offended by a word that almost lost it's negative meaning because you call yourself , your friends ,family and s*** a n****/ n*****.
Now i totally understand that this word has been very harmfull in the past( still is if it's used in a disrespectfull way but so is b**** etc.), but we are living in 2011 and there are alot more things to worry bout then who's is calling who n****/n*****.
For example y'all call a light skin a n**** but a darkskin also yet y'all dumb f**** divide yourself by makin a difference between them!?
Now how the f*** could you be different by the tone of your skin? but still be a "real n****"?
Yet again this is the foolish sh-it the "illuminati" wants you to do and believe.
They want to distract you with all kind of b******* from the main cause.
It isn't the light skin n***** , the dark skin n****'s , the halfblood n***** against the governement or NWO it is the have's and the have nots against eachh other.
And there are alot of light skin, dark skin nig-gas on the side of the haves. as there are also alot of poor whites, blacks, latins, asians etc onthe have not side.
So unless y'all dumb NIG-GAS/NIG-GERS dont manage to unite and make one "fist" y'all still remain dumb divided nig-gers!!!!!!

Besides stop blindly believe what every rappers says! do you think 50 walks in a conference room fully strapped?Does business meetings with "bad bit-ches" on his lap smokin weed and stacks in front of him?
And y'all still say the white man this the white man that but the truth is , Y'all your own slave masters , your own "bad" white man. Ofcourse whites done alot of harm against MANY races but in this day and age it is the "real pop a nig-ga f*** bad b****** weed puffin drug dealin drug lord nig-ga"that holds the whole black community down.
Look what boosie got for keepin it real, and thats what they want you to get so why be stupid and idolize somebody who glorifies s*** that got your cousin locked up or your brother on death row?

And untill the day this changes, y'all dont have the right get emotional and start b****** over the use of a word that helped alot of BLACK people become millionaires
Comment by dj chalie robinson on June 11, 2011 at 6:51am
Comment by Scott on June 11, 2011 at 5:55am
you SEE black people should stop using the word. This is what THEY want. Don't be ignorant!
Comment by riky on June 11, 2011 at 5:47am
What does it matter? Blade rappers front n act like Mexican or Italian gangsters. A white boy is one of the greatest rappers ever. And we got a blacc president. Its time to let go of the N**** word... It's with an "a" at the end... Not "er" .... So really? Who gives a f**.... It means ignorant... N 90% of these n***** in them rap scene are just that.... Ignorant as f**.... It ain't like this white girl is tarnishing the good name of hip hop... The s*** is fucced up anyway
Comment by Glen Young on June 11, 2011 at 3:46am
APPARENTLY she's friends w/Soulja Boy... never heard of her b4 tho...

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