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Miami, Detroit, Now Vegas
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i like 50
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Sing, Visual Arts, Student, Professional, Just Chillin
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If I can't~Blood Hound~Im Suppose to~Candy Shop~Amusement PArk~Psycho~Piggy Bank
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I like good music. Everything but country, literally, Female Rapper Foxxy They need another one or to bring her back. I really like FiF's music..If it aint broke don't change FIF keep the music the same..gangsta
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LOST Heroes Cosby Matlock
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Bible, Book of Enoch, and Computational Explorations in Cognitive Neuroscience

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My Little Brothers~And The Crayons
my brothers locked up
my brothers getting shot up
broke and angry
in a dark America
but a white man..
oops i mean a spanish light man
shot my brother
my little brother at that
and why did he do it
because the crayola painted on my little brother's face by the Almighty was the color brown
Yes the color
The folk in the street rallying say its not about race
So you tell me why my little brother was stalked in the rain
Jumped on plotted on to feel pain
But wait lets give my little brother some props
Before we continue
Because he handles his like a man
without the comfort of a Zimmerman weapon
Oh my brother didn't go home without a fight
That red in him got him like that
His Ancestors had his back~ "Whispering with the knowledge of his departure.. "Don't Let that Puss A** B**** talk to You like that, Swing Little BROTHER"
Thats that African red inside producing that My Brothers are birthed to fight
In the historical unapologetic slavery nation I wonder why
You probably confused but thats alright
Again I testify: My brothers are locked up for green in small bags
because the check from slavery ain't come in yet
and its hard to lift a race from the ground to sky
but this white took away my brother
wait i mean this light colored nicca
took away my little brother
my little keeper my little Tamar Boggs
and a lot of the whites sit back and laugh
Please Note: that when dem Florida boys creep by that light nicca
push back that hispanic white nicca~
I hope them niccas in blue handle my brothers on a NOah clock
letting that s*** tick tock for 44 that light nicca
and when they get acquitted like that light white bright hispanic nicca
I hope America applauds the Justice system
and I cant wait to see our brown a** president say Justice was served by the all brown jury panel
and when white America.. all of light AMerica catch feelings
Me and my Brown Crayolas, My Brothers.. WIll be laughing
Hitting some new produced Hip/Hop lyrics.. Jeezy
Quoting something like "B**** Just Swerve, Justice has finally been Served"

I read energy…

If it were true that he was JUST attracted to her, and her, and her, but not her out of pure consideration from perception than that would be one thing

But when the one he does not desire is rejected through his physiological cognitive movement he is wrong and quite a failure in contrast to the millions that bore his skin.

He has said I desire all women it just depends on the characteristics; nevertheless is energy, which has formed through the power of thought shows otherwise.

His reflection is not desired because of her skin. His reflection is not desired because of her culture. His reflection is rejected because of her financial struggles. However, did he forget that she was his reflection?

An then in the thoughts of the other hers who perceived it so, as truth, the weakness in him exalting the ones who hated him yesterday but love him today, feel superior for an additional reason toward the reflection.

If it were so that she just admired him and did not deliberate herself as a replacement of the reflection I would not find fault. Yet like the history of the reflection whose ancestors can testify to the painting of the others superiority through shackles and pain, it is in their genetics to contemplate in this form.

Any race better than the reflection isn’t funny that any race considers the image the lowest race. Does the image require a blanket of approval? Easier walking in Manhattan, Hollywood, Miami, and Scottsdale with the others than his reflection.

I myself can acquire all shades of men yet I have read his face concerning his reflection.

I read energy and you he told me so..

Entitled: And The Young Lady Asked.

I was designed with the understanding that you would be amazed by me..

Yet these days you run to he
How could your mirror bring such a reflection?
That could birth through your triumphant spirit affection?
Enough to cause an erection from your perception of he?

How could you look at him after looking at me?
Such a abomination, absurdity, death by visual and thoughtless insanity you and he
I am ashamed at thee
Are my breast not pleasing
My words and logical patterns not stimulating to your neurological sections am I not complete..
Im looking for the section oh Brother that would allow them to compete
For the taste of thee.. Your appearance is God Like yet you and your looks have lied to me and to Thee..
Is not the ocean between my thighs not soothing to your thirsty soul soul
Pure enough to birth life
But not strong enough to keep thee from thy own self..or the health of thy own soul away from hell.. Is his a** that desirable?
That an eternity of fire would be blind sited and viewed as if the laws did not permit it so, Son of God?

Has your mind abandoned its duty to think
Your heart darker than the core of the earth because you’ve f***** every thing you could see
And now you hunger for he..
Are you a Son of The Father or a Son of Sons?
For Surely you will die for this eternally, like f****** a dog, he shall drown you in fire..for your foolish disgraceful desire

Legs so soft yet firm
Tasting like pure chocolate
With a back that could adjust to wings are just visually cause flight
Are I not enough

So many walk around so tough and so close to the tough
And when the nite falls and doors close
Who have they chose not she, her, or them

The spirit to gone for that

That has been spent

Bored with the normal

The w***** search for other pleasures

And in the rotting soul still breathing

They find their pleasure in the a** of the same reflected measure

Thy Brother why art thou gay?

It would be in my plans to only shower you with the best.. I am the rain..

Your body thirsty for me because I know how to search for what pleases you like nobody else could possibly ever do..she pulled your d***..I will stretch out your will have little til no control

I want to be a Queen to you…

Once I find it.. then now I know what will keep you smiling..which is my goal

I am watching your soul move haha it tickles me..

I am not like knew that when you looked at me
My face filled with features God Blessed
Divine beauty
And my eyes blink in recognition that you see correctly..Me
But that is just the beginning of your pleasure filled misery that you adore
Once you get into me
My mind is outrageous
There isn’t a wall, crib, or cage that could hold all the ways which this body of water flows
Blank stares hold so much intellect

You know this
Laughing at how I am correct…I can hear you

I want to give you diamonds on earth,,more than you have
Birth between my legs treasures of pieces of you want another clone of you from me..i see oh I are getting older scared of green trees falling come on you little pussy…and please me..dont f*** up and leave me and you need not worry…haha
Oh how I love you..i would imagine your getting jealous from my vernacular yet is it not justice you jealous
ahh I see King…
Yes I do I do
Some girls grow up holding on to those dreams a wife with her King
A Blazing ring that scratches the wall from the halls of her screams…
Sex is incredible, undeniable.. dreams of no heart ache you not chasing to be inside another a puppy just discovering his d***..these w***** known as most men make me Sick Kh”Afra..Help me.,,
Even wit your doe I won’t hear of it.. then be clear of it
I will ask the King to send them Eshus near to you
So they can make it clear to you
That b******* shines on tv..from women with no heart and no brains and men with no concern with the pain hell brings..are you different son of my Father?
Right here right now
Im Oya
the Heir
M*********** you need me
Don’t deceive me
When I am here to love you
Not impressed by the fake niccas in your crew dappen showing hoe love to you.. are they really faithful to you..I heard what you told her..ha You do listen..Prince turning King right before my very eyes
Search my heart I tell no lies
I admire the strength of smell Like a King…but please see me.
Don’t let common notions
Confuse you..the Rain built from the Ocean..I am

You want me then stop talking..talking talking…pretty boi and start walking…
Shining so hard for who..I already love you…
I want to give you the best of everything..Diamonds birthed..I hold your breath I already know I am your everything….
Hurry Up…its 6o’clock…

Lion Of Judah~May The One that Created The Heavens and Earth
Watch over you tonight and the rest the nights til the morning and even then after
He enjoys football games, those Saturday Nights Watching Sports with the Boys
Yet these days those games are not the same
Today’s playoffs are filled with screams and songs of bullets and shell casings
Guns being carried to brush his teeth
Are you serious?
In another country? More like another world..
Trenches and stitches gauses and clauses..In God We Trust~The first reasoning if you know what I mean
Friends that won’t make it back on the plane home
Such a shame homes
While your friends at home don’t realize the scene
They speak as if you are on far away trip..
When the truth is everyday your life is at risk
In your heart this factor has made your soul secretly hate them
Cause they haven’t acknowledged the pain your in
Are they not concerned about you
They do love you
They Just don’t understand..its the country, the news, the music,
See No Evil Hear No Evil~ We will all play deaf and dumb
Cries about Casey Anthony?? In Iraq_Afghanistan, theres a thousand Babies crying and dying yet where is the ourage for their sake..18,19, 20, 45 too still a baby to me..
Let’s pretend countrymen and woman that blood is not being shed by the thousands…
Oh America The Great..What State is Your Freedom in My friend? Answer me this?
The foreigners don’t give a f*** about life~ Their pride more important than happiness
Almost shedding a tear for the hearts of broken parents and the soul broken wives
I see you, I understand the pain your in
Not in its could I ever
When I didn’t see the dead bodies
I didn’t hear the cries in the streets
I didn’t get off the plane to be caught in the middle of a bombing war
Finding safety in rubble and your gun..This thing of metal sputing out metal protecting your life
Dear God~ How is this right, when we have jets and planes that could save the day
So that my friend returns~ can you just this once let it be okay..To show the power of the this great nation instead of political games that are costing lives, killing our country’s heart, and shattering the core of those that love them. Its not okay..singing I love you more than music..missin you
I understand that your eyes have seen too much
And do to that fact… it may now be hard to touch the part of you that you understand as you
What has the red and white and blue flag done to you
But I will wait for you
In the river for you
Waiting to wash your pains away from you
Washing the lives of others from your hands
Kissing these same hands with my lips
I hope you understand you are still a good man
I hope you view that this is how we think of you
A strong hold, a hero, a King
The One who stood up to deal with these things
I am so proud of you
And so hurt for you
In the middle of nowhere I am still here for you
My Soldier..My Friend~ My Love~ The Army Recruit~Lion Of Judah Im Praying for You~

Til the ends of the earth and even further..
No matter who’s calling my name ~KYRRAAA~
Im coming for you, Im waiting for you, Oh how Im loving you
To mingle in the heavens, shining with the stars
My love will find you and keep you content with it
Constantly thinking of it, singing Ohhh my sweet Love~
There is no place you can go that I and my heart cannot travel
Even in the heart of the dessert..Yes I, Yes I~ am calling for you..
Do you hear me Love?
My heart knows your path and is following you
I surround you and provide the cool to you
No need for thank you
Drink me and may you never thirst for nothing
No Matter No Matter
If it so happened that the waters were looking for you
Saw the brilliance in you, I do and created a dangerous hurricane around you
I would command the wind and the wave like Peter was instructed too
I have the faith in my love for you
No Matter No Matte~ To Me Not
Yes For you…
If the heavers have decided through my Father Time
I am for you, and You for I
Than Trust I will find you, keep you and make you mine~
For all eternity just you and I
The Earth does not Matter to Me Not~ May The Heavens Protect You
Good Nite,Night,Knight

Love is like a drug..
The emotion..just pulling you
Making you feel so beautiful
So Amazing
Love in this life has no face
Just representations
Inhabitants that distribute it.but never owned it
Rarely conceal it~ because they don’t know Love..nor have a desire for Love~Fear Love
Oh Love where are you
Will you find me and stay/…
You keep leaving me and making me think it was found in he but it wasn’t
You just swept through him and now I long for you
And hate him..because of you..but miss him too because of you
Ohh Love
Love come to me… stop leaving me
I love Love I whisper to you daily..I want to love you Love
Keep you inside me and never let you go
Dear Lovvve I would die for you
The countless nights I have cried for you
He didn’t love me, even though he swore by you..He didn’t even see me
It was always you Love..the combined energy of your truth, your presence.
So strong and so kind such a wind of God you are
Love one more thing I must tell you before you go..
I miss you Love..I do.

If all I did right in this earth was love you..
than I have done what I was called to do
Then I have performed what is important in this place of rock and water

If all I have done right in this world was
teach you to be a good man than surely
my God will smile on me pleased

For you will be as He created and
not like the loss production of
so many boys turned to men in this place
of rock and water
If all
I have done Dominik is protect your heart and your eyes from pain
Than I have blessed
my own soul my friend
For we are connected
And I bowed down
and stated that I would provide you with utmost protection and
My word to my King in reference to you
is more than imperative

Oba Omari (Prince of Heaven) If all I have done right
in this life of flesh and bone is
shown you that good women still exists
That prayer is sufficient enough
that King Jesus is mighty and Elshalldie to be respected and feared
Than I have provided you with an
eternal gift my son my habibah husn amusi
(loved beautiful son)
I have fulfilled
my vow to my God to you and to your father

If the only thing accounted righteous
by my hands and the crossing of
my feet in this world of knowledge
provided by the arrogant by the blind
is shown you what the spirit of a Godly soul
looks like through my struggles through
my obedience to King God then my son
I have done you more justice than a
thousand years at the surrendering of a thousand armies

And in return
may you honor your God in the same knowledge conviction and power that heaven and the ancients the same manner
as I have since I was young like you…

Kyra~ your friend who birthed you, taught you,
provided for you and will through
the instances of all eternity presented
to our people from King..

I will be your eternal guard

First Name Dominik~ Meaning:
Belonging to God

Second Name Aryk ~ Meaning: Conquer,
Ruler who will lead a different
childhood than Kyra

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At 12:17pm on July 29, 2013, Young Bob Barker said…

Its good to see a beautiful woman like yourself that doesn't want a guy who dresses like a homo.

At 8:28am on June 20, 2013, Buddyrow said…
Good Morning and hope you have a Great Day!
At 6:48pm on May 29, 2013, MrArcherthePromoter said…
Damn you sexy!!!!!! Keep Up the Good Work!!!!
At 7:22am on April 17, 2013, 天国 said…
thanks for the add beautiful, nice profile and pictures keep doing your thing.
At 2:14am on April 17, 2013, SPIN GANG said…
long time no chat! What's good?
At 8:13pm on February 25, 2013, Jac said…
I was listening to DJ.Whoo Kids interview with 50 Cent and looked down and saw your pic. It's a small world. I'm the biggest 50 Cent fan there is. Holla at you later!!
At 11:46pm on February 4, 2013, darren said…
Thanks baby girl u the best at it...
At 11:12am on February 04, 2013, Grandpa gave Zaza a gift
At 10:48am on January 30, 2013, G. Tag said…
My name is Sophia, I want to friendship with you, and I also have something very important I would love to share with you, please contact me through this email address;, because I don’t always come to this site, I will write you back with my full details after I receive your mail.
At 11:33am on December 3, 2012, Buddyrow said…
Hello Zara, how was your weekend?

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