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In recent years, Hip-Hop, Pop and Techno music have become so popular that ACstyle wanted
to combine the three in her music to produce such a fresh new sound, winning fans all over the
nation and world. Yet few female rappers and singers have been able to accomplish this
achievement. ACstyle has written her own lyrics ever since she was nine years old. Her writing
developed so well that she has obtained true lyricism in all of her songs. She has been able to
draw fans who like different styles of music into one fan base. Ashley Coleman, also known as
ACstyle, grew up in Evanston, Illinois. She has had a passion for making music ever since she
was a child. Her genres consist of Pop, Hip-Hop, Techno, R&B, Rock, Rap and Reggaeton,
which make her very versatile. Six years of developing her music skills and expanding her fan
base have contributed to ACstyle’s current accomplishments. In high school, ACstyle/Ashley
worked to develop her music skills with Cynthia Wilson, a concert and recording artist and
Grammy nominee. ACstyle has a diverse group of fans from the U.S., Africa, Europe, South
America and more. She also participated in the Jive Records/Six Flags Music Contest in 2010,
when she got chosen to be one of the Top 10 contestants of the competition in Chicago. She is
also a young entrepreneur, event planner, party host and promoter. Her first single, “Rehab,”
was released June 1, 2012, and is one of a kind. It is a Pop, Techno and Hip-Hop song that
appeals to this new generation. ACstyle had two live interviews on Power 92 Radio this
summer, and became one of the first female artists on that rap station to have a Techno/Pop
song played. Many fans have told ACstyle that she reminds them of Rihanna and Nicki Minaj
combined. ACstyle has such a unique sound and style, and she will be a great asset to the music
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