50 and His Kicks!!

In the world today sneakers are without doubt a very sought after trend. And why is that? What is so special about “kicks”? Why are they so popular amongst the youth? Well, some of its prominence can be attributed to the world phenomenon referred to as the Hip-Hop culture. Aside the fact that it’s a culture that comes from the artistic expressions of the youths; it has become a billion dollar industry also, an industry that has completely influenced or at least, one that has played a vital part in virtually all facet of the society. In terms of its urban style or influence, sneakers largely became a great status symbol, specifically due to the Adidas brand. Due to their color variations and comfort they were the ideal shoes for b-boys. In 1986 they became more popular because of the brand’s promotion by Run DMC when they began.

Any individual with the obsession of footwear knows that making available adequate rooms when packing his or her sneakers for a trip can most times be very difficult.
50 Cent apparently is very much aware of the aforementioned struggles. 50 Cent though is able to avoid all sorts of compromise in his rotation – for instant; he requested a separate room for his shoes only; for a gig this weekend in London at the 02 precisely.

He is so obsessed with his shoes and wears a new pair always, according to a source. "He takes with him several pairs when he's on tour to select from for his show; he even requested an extra dressing room for his sneakers only."

It is glaring Curtis won’t let anything get in the path of his sneakers collection.

Right now 50 Cent has so many things to brag about, he recorded a great Drink Champs podcasts recently with the notorious - N.O.R.E; he has in rotation a single - 'I'm the Man’ featuring Chris Brown, 50 Cent has gotten the main G-Unit crew in the studio giving everyone the sense of nostalgia and lastly, he currently have a very successful show on TV in Power. He’s guerrilla business modus operandi have made him a very successful hip-hop artist we've seen in recent times, so whenever 50 decides to flex just a little on a Gram; we wouldn’t mind. Particularly when he posts mind-blowing kicks just like these:

Air Jordan 4 – Custom white Snakes skin

His latest custom unveiling is a white custom Air Jordan 4; as shown in the image; the wear is a monochromatic crisp, dyed constrictor skin with what seems to be stingray paneling underneath the lace eyelets; the wear is complete with the off-white silver metallic and outsole accents to make the wear pop well.

Air Jordan 5 - Warriors Snake skin Custom
These wears hit the Instagram immediately the Warriors won in game 1 of the NBA Finals of 2015. We obviously knew who 50 Cent was rolling with some years ago as he had a customized Jordan 5 crafted at the back of the team's jersey colorway. This specific wear is decked out in yellow snakeskin, premium leather, ostrich-skin heel and also what seems to be the mudguard of an alligator toe.

Air Jordan 4 - Custom Based Of ‘The Amazing Spiderman-2’
50 Cent blessed the timeline with his customized kick as the hype around the movie was building. The wear was crafted to embody the Spider-Man’s new suit and the sneaker from the looks of things does exactly that; with the dark blue base which fades into lighter shade from the heel to the toe with a webbed red upper; complete with the matching laces, this custom speaks volume for itself.

Air Jordan 4 – Custom (The Gradient Blue)
This pair of 50’s customs might be the tamest pair of wears out of all sneakers presented today. His custom-painted-pair of the Air Jordan 4's shows a gradient flow of several shades of blue from the sneaker’s heel to the toe. The heels take on a somewhat dark-blue hue that flows gently into the light blue toe, white accents, shoelaces, with the matching tongue, outsole, and sock lining. This wear might become one of the most realistic choices if both brands (Jordan and 50) should team up and release several kicks for the public.

Air Jordan 6

“BEL AIR” Jordan 6

You might however, think that most of these wears are pretty gaudy; however, 50 Cents has spoken publicly about his taste the wears not being for all, and he simply blames it on the simple fact that he is rich; let’s face it... can we blame the lad? The amazing thing about his customs is that they are just few that 50 is planning to bring out as he has stated that he is unraveling 20 pairs of his shoe collection for everyone to critique and marvel with time. And while in NYC at Power 105 50 Cents has rocked few unseen Jordan 5's; but he’s yet to provide everyone with a closer look. With all the aforementioned being said, what Jordan Brand kicks would you like to see receive the snakeskin treatment and actually be released for public consumption, and which of these 50 Cent custom J's would you rock?

If you are a sneaker lover I’m certain you won’t want to allow these and other of 50 Cent’s collections to pass you by. However it is one thing to have these mind blowing sneakers and it is another to maintain them. Maintaining your sneakers to always look as good as new is very important and the reason is not far-fetched at all because making them last longer will even save you from buying what you already have. There are a thousand of shoe cleaners on the market but there is one I highly recommend. Great product and highly effective! My pick is TightWipes Sneaker Wipes to keep your kicks looking brand new. They can be purchased on amazon.com