Succeeding in Hip-Hop Through Faith in God: Interview with King James III

King James III is one of the most innovative Christian groups of today's time! We caught up with two of the emcees and brothers, JG and Neezy, to discuss how faith in God helps them in their music career. Recently they have released their new single ‘Secrets’. You can listen to it on Apple Music and Spotify.

How strong is the Christian message in your songs?

JG: I think it's very strong. I think it's the actual real way to display the message though some disagree because it is not preachy. I think people want to hear from real people not political stands based on positions in religious organizations. I think our message is real and it gives the believer the ability to see God 3D through song.

Neezy: With every song we want the message to stand out above all else. It's the strongest part of our music. At the same time we don't want to neglect the art of Good music, so we implement the message into strong quality music that people can vibe to.

What are some of your biggest music influences?

JG: As for me it changes often. Since I was little boy I would have to say it was like Tupac, Brandy, and Boyz To Men. I love compositions that feel authentic. I am inspired when hear an artist and it sounds like the leave it all on the track by the end of the record. Today a huge influence of mine is Drake. It sounds like he is living my life just from a bigger platform when I hear his records. At the end of his records I get the point, I'm not Left guessing. It's what I call "No Choice Music".

Neezy: With me being a little boy in the 90's I remember Tupac above all else. I was only 5 when I first heard Ambitionz Az A Ridah but that song stuck with me and began my musical journey. After PAC it was Cassidy for a while, and I was a big Lil Wayne fan for years. Today I listen to a little bit of everything from many different genres. Though I'm a Christian rapper I feel it's important to listen to what the streets are being fed. The biggest influence though is JG. Bro is truly gifted and has sharpened every aspect of my artistic growth.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about Gospel artists?

JG: The biggest misconception I see with Gospel artists is the thought that we are "Perfect", and don't have any flaws. I feel people feel because we live God we can't talk about the things that are less Godly unless it is connected to some mystical experience. I want to be real in every aspect of my life. I want all of my composition or ventures to be alive. Sometimes that means you have to talk and out the struggles of death to speak to the victories of life.

Neezy: I agree with JG. People sometimes have a hard time relating to us because from there eyes it seems we all have it figured out when in reality we are just like everyone else. The difference is our Acceptance of God, and knowledge that we need a Savior.

Do you believe in your future success as strong as in God?

JG: For me without God there is no future, there is no success. For me God is the matter that makes hope tangible in a literal form. If there is no belief without God.

Neezy: Absolutely! God is the reason why I do what I do. Without him none of this would be possible. I firmly believe that as long as I do what he says and stay in position for him to use me, than my future has no limits.

Do you ever wonder why God chose you to do what you do?

JG: No he's sovereign he does what he wants.
Neezy: I do wonder why he chose me at times, yet I know he doesn't make any mistakes. I get clarity from the fact that he will complete the work he began in me. It's not so much about him choosing me than it is the work he chose me to do.

What messages do you want to deliver with your songs? What do you want your audiences to change in their behavior or mentality?

JG: I want everyone to hear what God has done for me. People have told me that I sound like I'm bragging but I am just very in awe of where I was brought from. I want people to hear me and understand that it can be the same for them. I want them to start their own personal journeys from where their starting points maybe. I would like for people change their mentality toward mediocre artist and artist with real gifts. The gifts is what God has given us to further his ministry. It is bigger than being a celebrity it is royalty and you can turn that on and off when you want to.

Neezy:I want people to understand that Yahweh is real and his love is bigger than comprehension. It's time for the world to hear the best quality music with the deepest penetrating message. God is doper than anything the world has to offer and so are his children! #YAHWEH or #NOWAY

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