Why is Andrea upset? UPDATE: Andrea says he's leaving the forum. This thread was the straw the broke the Camel's stan back.

It's took too long to be said, Andre aka Still G.A.Y is the biggest cl!t on ning.com.

This nicca that looks like he has a 14 year old son has found a little corner of the internet where he got a handful of people fooled he is normal, and will protect that rep with blood and tears.

I don't know what son thinks he is, but all he does is complain and act like a honey badger all day..

He mad Culture is a Gunit fan. He mad Trev is a weird Gunit stan. He mad 1Thug called him dreG@Y. He mad Blue Jackson spazzed on his a**.. He mad that other nicca claimed he's a millionaire. He mad that Mexican guy claims he's a gangster. He's mad I told him if the stans p*** him off deal with them, wats the point in being so desperate to p*** them off you gonna start acting like g-unit aint got hits. He upset that Rob War Angel doesn't want to be his 'brova'. He mad Trev called him the 40 year old virgin. He mad he was 5 when Nasa went to the moon, he mad Detox ain't drop, he mad 50 Cent didn't bother to use Dre's beat on Disco Inferno, he mad Jigga got no melody, he mad that he can't 'un-recognise' that people move on and stop visiting the forum off their own will and it has nothing to do with him running them off Thisis50, he's mad he was forced to affiliate with the biggest weirdos on this forum: Mic and Dave and has to stifle his conscience to feel like his 'forum crew' is normal dudes, he's mad he got nothing better to do, he's mad 50 is a kick a** song writer, he's mad Eminem sold 1.7 mill in his first week, he's mad Nas - Nasty flopped, he's mad we laughed at his pictures and it wasn't fake laughter to p*** him off - we were genuinely laughing.

He mad he a punk, people avoid him in real life, he has a few close punk friends and he could never figure out social situations and can't stand how everyone on ti50 gets a problem with him at one point or the other.

Nicca is straight up upset.

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Nicca insisting to Culture he don't think about him when he clicks sign out.. So what you do when you sign in then? God daymn..
Mic is so stupid, Mic doesn't know how stupid it is to come on 50 cent website and stupidly hate everyone that likes 50 cent because he is so stupid.

Mic, you're too stupid to recognize the difference between a thread stating 'I HATE STILL G.A.Y WHY IS THIS BLOGGER HURTING MY FEELINGS'


'What's the deal with this Still G.A.Y nicca? We here to talk about hip hop and he steady beefin with other bloggers. ROFL'..

You can't see that because you are too stupid.

Here to talk about hip hop and anything else I wanna talk about nicca.. I didn't want to dignify Still G.A.Y with a discussion, but I know how much the truth breaks a chumps back so I said amma lay it all out.. give Still G.A.Y a chance to drop a lame response then close the discussion.

Now get from me, you defending your boyfriend frankly disgust me!

""""he mad that he can't 'un-recognise' that people move on and stop visiting the forum off their own will and it has nothing to do with him running them off Thisis50, he's mad he was forced to affiliate with the biggest weirdos on this forum: Mic and Dave and has to stifle his conscience to feel like his 'forum crew' is normal dudes,"""
-OUCH that's gotta hurt....


anyone with MGK in their name is wack
and no grown man care about the next on the internet
All this pettyness an homo arguments between you, mic, stil dre are killing the forums. stop. No wonder we lost the OG members.
if u visit the forums reguraly you'd know i didnt start drama wit none of these dudes.... they ALL said my name 1st...is the drama really kilin' the forums or the 'buy xanax'' spam threads or the lack of good threads being made??...or maybe the forums is a reflection of 50's career right now its a FACT that if 50 was popin' right now the forums would be JAM PACKED wit bloggers and threads like the old days....regardless of the pettyness...
give me a sensible thread you'd get a sensible post from me...niggahs typin' about wats and who's kilin' the forums but they bringin' nothin' to the table...

smh once again u proved u take this way to serious...youve made atleast 4 or 5 threads about me dude.....
upset i just smashed off this ethiopian chik' while u online makin' threads about me on saturday night...LOL i kinda feel sorry for u brah'...seriously...
luv' dre or hate dre....u can make threads bout dre til' u blue in the face...its kind of ashame cause if i was the type of blogger who called 50 the hip hop god or the general nobody would have a problem wit Dre...smh why these niggahs/ nerds mad at dre ??...CAUSE OF MY OPINION! just do like alot of the other diva's on here and ignore me....cause u damn sure not gon' beat me especially in a war of words...peace

@Dre Honestly dude it doesnt matter all i know is that these threads/ebeefs are annoying. Youre a grown man i dont know why you bother ebeefin with immature teenagers, say what you have to say about hiphop and move on. If you stop replying theyll stop making threads...dont think because u go silent on these m*********** they "e-ethered" you.
blah blah blah...this a hip hop forum who does age checks here??...if i annoy u Close ya eyes when u see me post i dont know wat else to say....its always BEEN drama on thisis50 why u actin' brand new??...i guess niggahs is more entertained by threads tryna sell xanax...lol blame dre for the fall of thisis50 is the new thing i guess....have fun..


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