What rapper or singer would you like to see join 50 Cent's G-Unit & why?

50 Cent Recently Told MTV that he is looking for new artist!

He Said:
"You'll see new faces, because I'm looking for new artists now. I'll sign new artists and take them with me and kinda groom them. I don't specifically say, 'I want this kind of artist' — I look for talent that inspires me, that complements what I do with their own thing. Some of the stuff you can't teach a person; they gotta have it."

Thisis50 Blog Of The Full Story

What rapper or singer would you like to see join 50 Cent's G-Unit? Share your reason...

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charles hamilton, boy is dope
NO! i got a FEW of his mistapes....MISTAPES he good but he be crying to much 50 cent is HARDCORE hes like that n**** Ringo from this book i read....(rappers are in danger) Its basicly about real n***** rapping and getting Raped by the industry NOW 50 IS NO EXCEPTION jimmy still got him hostage because his vision is to MEEK or you could say MEECH 50 got T.O.S. by IMPOSTERS...(the lame and young f***) and thats f***** up CUZ HE REALLY WANTED n***** to BE RICH....I say that to say this i should be elected as the NEXT GUNIT member my music speaks for itself LITTERALLY its dubb aka BOKEY BIDEN vice president http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x6AlIYJAy9c
hahaha i know u dont like him ZV, but charles is ill
the game and ja rule
im serious game + 50 = goat
i wouldn't say goat but definetly not too far behind.. the chemistry (on a music level) is incredible... just my opinion
any artist from detroit or jay rock
anyone actually have an opinion? pappose? charles hamilton? ???


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