Update: Am I the only one that thinks 50 needs to clean house up at G-Unit/G-Note/ThisIs50? Fire the stylist too!

They've release three albums since Jan 1, 2007. Last Gold/Platinum album they had was in 2005. GRODT Soundtrack.

1 Gold Single with BBB in 2010. The last one before that was Best Friend in 2005.

Where are the artist?

The production mostly stinks. They are still caught up in that boom bap sh*t!

They need to hire bloggers and forum reppers like ZV, Dre, Trev & and a few other n*ggas to work the site for them.

They passed up Def Jam to sign to a label that's going down in flames.

50 is a liar!

Just add random thoughts!!!!

After looking at the American Idol performance outfit he needs to fire his stylist too!

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i whip my rod back n forth...i whip my rod back n forth...future banga
What's up with this I am Black Bieber sh*t!
50 F***** UP after he started signing n***** like a homeless n**** who won the lottery..like:


^ the f***, apart from Mobb deep, the rest of them aint gettin NO HITS AT ALL, rod almost had his chance with be easy but that s*** didnt work, now hes on hus f***** gaga s***..nd to think i said i liked dance with me...*sigh*

im sure game doin what he did ACTUALLY HURT his confidence and losin to YEEZY broke down the once GREAT, FEARLESS MAN he once was like c'mon in 2005 dude didnt give a f*** and that s*** felt original, now when he does his gangsta s*** i feel like its not right..$400 mil, c'mon take a leaf outta jiggas book, dude matured his music with his age not tryin to fit in..even tho BP3 was a step back he still did his thing

50 needs to FIRE all them FAGGOTS ON HIS PAYROLL..like asap, nd get some hungry hood n***** ASAP, or sign to a F****** 360 DEAL...u have F****** 400 MILL, 360 DEAL IS NOT GONNA F***** HURT YOU
fif - don't need em or dre 4 production. he needs beats from alchemist, cool and dre, mr. porter, just blaze, kanye, and bangladesh that would almost guarantee him a classic album.
agree 100% on that production list
One critical flaw in your musings.... 50 is NOT signed to G Unit and therefore his music gets handled by Shady/Aftermath as well as his A&R at INTERSCOPE records.... G Unit the label has been in transition since going inde... they released Banks HFM2, which has sold decently in todays climate, and you can guarantee they are making money on it..... there are new artists and new projects on the horizon... sometimes there is a rebuilding phase... so I guess we will have to wait an see...Every label goes thru a cycle of ups and downs... and I think they are on the way back up... so we shall see
Who's on Facebook?
I think 50 is actually tryin to change some of his ways by reachin out to artists he used to have issues with..although some beef never die (Ross, Khaled, Rule, Joe, etc..)...I like that classic boom bap but dude need to mix it up wuth some drummer boy, luger, K West, etc...But the number one thing he sould do is find a new, unsigned, hungry rapper lookin to get signed that he can get out there..50 aint 19 or 20 yrs old and some of this new s*** is strictly a young man's game...sometimes rap is a 'no country for old men' kinda music..
50 needs to sign some of these young n*****. They get good interviews and n***** are coming to the office. Why are you not making deals. Bottom line is... he need to really look at who's valuable up there and can the slackers.

If you have bloggers like us telling them certain things are not hits and it turns out that way undoubtely you want to pay some attention to us right. If they watch the forums they know who the dickriders/stans, haters, and fans are. You a combination of all of them working for you. You really need the haters because if you make a hater like your music you're doing something right. Ex... I hate Officer Ricky, never liked him from the jump and we in the south knew he was a fraud, 50 caught on later. But I will admit that his last three albums have the best production out today. He knows how to pick a beat, he knows how to flow over that beat anhe played 50 and got a bigger profile for it. He's a fat f8cking liar but has great viral videos and has turned people into believers. How is he doing that? By dropping good product, quality music with quality videos. Dre films must have some good HD cameras and his mixtape producers most know how to mix because his mixtapes sound mixed and mastered. You have to invest man... 50 is cheap and a liar. Sh*t production with sh*t videos = sh8t product. Can't keep winning on name alone. 10 million to 465k... Step it dog!
they aint gonna hire bloggers cuz it dont make no sense and by the time trev is finished banning "subhumans" him and z.v will be the only ones left on this site until they ban each other.

The production is a choice they choose what they think sound hype so your gonna have to blame their taste in music for that one.
I think he needs NEW ARTISTS and especially a female artist....A rapper/R&B singer or he should start a G UNIT group of females because there is a YM monopoly in that market right now...The competition could generate interest and hella money.
G unit will never be what it was back when it was all 5 of em.


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