Update: Am I the only one that thinks 50 needs to clean house up at G-Unit/G-Note/ThisIs50? Fire the stylist too!

They've release three albums since Jan 1, 2007. Last Gold/Platinum album they had was in 2005. GRODT Soundtrack.

1 Gold Single with BBB in 2010. The last one before that was Best Friend in 2005.

Where are the artist?

The production mostly stinks. They are still caught up in that boom bap sh*t!

They need to hire bloggers and forum reppers like ZV, Dre, Trev & and a few other n*ggas to work the site for them.

They passed up Def Jam to sign to a label that's going down in flames.

50 is a liar!

Just add random thoughts!!!!

After looking at the American Idol performance outfit he needs to fire his stylist too!

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who r they gon kick off G-Unit/G-Note when aint nobody there?
I'm talking out the employes/a&r/mgmt/worker bees.
I agree on the A&Rs and also promotional staff cause whoever they got now hasnt been doin a very good job and aint nothin wrong wit some Boom Bap
Man what kinda label releases 3 albums in 4 years. We assme trav is signed to G-Unit but they haven't really introduced the boy. You could at least introduce the kid. 50 wants n*ggas to blow like he did on they're own Look at what Wayne did with Drake and Nicki, he gave them both a shove and he's not overshadowing them. 50 overshadows his artist and when they get moving on their own like Banks did he insults them. Wh would the n*gga not follow Banks on twietter and get in spats with them to help increase their profile.
Trav isnt wit G-Unit though hes just an affiliate and I dont understand how 50 over shadows his artist I mean wut exactly does 50 do that overshadows them? and insulted banks when they move on their own? when? and look wut u just said Drake & Nicki did it on they own right? y not Banks? he aint no Rookie to this but we all know bein affliated wit G-Unit in almost anyway will b looked down on by ppl
At this point Banks has dropped 3 LPs and 2 G-unit LPs and was a part of the GRODTOS. Regardless of sales he's had 6 releases to the public and Yayo 4. There's no need for 50 to do s*** for them except say here's the money make it happen.

Wayne gave them a bigger platform to lauch from... all the groundwork was done by those two on their own before they even inked deals back in 2009 with YM.

Wayne gave them a bigger platform to release their s*** the same way 50 did with g-unit only difference is 50 hopped on all their albums 1st singles to get both feet in the door for them. Wayne did just like 50 in 04 and sat down for a year and let them shine.

YM dropped a cd as a label, G-unit records released the G-unit group LP. In between the group LP and Banks and Buck solo album G-unit radio featured mixtapes ith them as the highlights from 3-7.

Then 50 hopped on the sinlges On fire and Let Me In. What more you expect him to do?
co sign ...Boom Bap is NY ... Fif never been on no bandwagon and he shouldnt start now. Ever since wacka made hard in the paint every b**** a** rapper wanna use the same lex luger drums ... . Move on with it
Mix it up... 50 sounds great on Em production and Dre production. That's what made GRODT... f*ck Lex Luger and that same sound but get better production.
What Up Gangster, Many Men, 21 Questions, Wanksta, Gotta Make It To Heaven, Lil Poor Lil Rich Blood Hound. None of those were done by Em and Dre 50 already had that album and those were f****** highlights of the album outside Patiently Waiting and In Da Club...
U maybe right but as long as yayo and and banks they r loyal and being loyal takes u a long way. I dont think its the team i think theres alot of haters that don't like fifty because he speak his mind and he's a confident n****, and people don't like that so they choose not to f*** with the whole team. I like fifty he leads his camp. he's the general. No question. And his soldiers are soldiers. he said how u gonna be a general if u dont know how to be a soldier. He said dre and Em are his genareals. People hate on him so they dont buy g unit records thats why they don't sell like they use to. But listen to the new and old music that s*** goes hard and never stopped. They just dont buy it. GGGGUNIT!
lloyd banks has some bangers as far as beats on his album i think they should let yayo pick the beats as far as promo they need some help i thought they should of went to def jam


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