Update: Am I the only one that thinks 50 needs to clean house up at G-Unit/G-Note/ThisIs50? Fire the stylist too!

They've release three albums since Jan 1, 2007. Last Gold/Platinum album they had was in 2005. GRODT Soundtrack.

1 Gold Single with BBB in 2010. The last one before that was Best Friend in 2005.

Where are the artist?

The production mostly stinks. They are still caught up in that boom bap sh*t!

They need to hire bloggers and forum reppers like ZV, Dre, Trev & and a few other n*ggas to work the site for them.

They passed up Def Jam to sign to a label that's going down in flames.

50 is a liar!

Just add random thoughts!!!!

After looking at the American Idol performance outfit he needs to fire his stylist too!

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It really never was all 5 of them. 4 at most but really 3. Game was not in G-Unit the group he was on the label all of 2004 and 1 month in 2005.
@Kyle, I disagree! Everyone thought Cash Money was over the Hot Boys & Manny Fresh left, they replaced them with Wayne the solo artist, Nicki & Drake. They're enjoying more success that they did with the original crew. Because of that, now there's interest in everybody in the group when an album drops.

That's what 50 has to do! Find that new guy to take the industry by storm & then you're going to see a domino effect with G-Unit (the company) where 50's album sales is going to increase & everyone else on the label.
Oh my GOD, I've been sayin that for the longest! I'm a big 50 Cent fan but I feel he's a poor talent evaluator. He signs nothing but has beens & never will be's. How many more recycled artist is he going to bring in?

Hate Lil Wayne as much as you want (for the record I do also) he's building his company the right way & that's a bunch of young artist with fresh faces that the fans can connect to & they can spit. 50 Cent signs 35-40 year olds that's certified G's but can't rap a lick. Gangsters doesn't buy records!
c/s... why sign mobb deep in 2005, why sign MOP in 2005... and fast forward to 2011, who has he signed, old a** governor and lea who are both over 30.
Let's not forget Spyda Loc, 40 Glocc, & now Shawty Lo! WTF? None of them has any potential of putting G-Unit back on the map but if I had street beef I'll want them on my side over the little guys from Young Money.
True statements! He just need to clean things up and get over the Buck stuff and bring the boy back!

Have a meeting on UStream and let the fans see it.
Buck isn't the answer either! It's not as though Young Buck was ever a mega star. He need some Nicki Minaj, Cory Gunz, Drake, Lil Wayne, you know artist like that. He need artist born in the 80's & 90's who isn't recycled.
Yeah but I think he needs to start the revamp with forgiving Buck and not being a d***. Yeah we all know Buck shoulda been loyal and all but damn forgive the n**** and give him some life. Don't let what Buck did happen with anyone else.
50 signed Keenan Cahill to G-Unit. I hope it's a joke but I wouldn't be surprised.
That's what he's doing! I'm clueless on what 50 is tryin to do with G-Unit. Most times the great ones can't spot greatness themselves. It's a reason why Dame Dash was the one bringing in talent to Rocafella & not Jay-Z. 50 need to find him a Dame Dash & just focus on his own music.
He has Dre McKenzie and Nikki Martin for that. Nikki Martin was at Sony Columbia when Kobe had a deal there. she just validated this on twitter proudly the other day. I would have been ashamed.
Same ol threads months after months.
50 should do this,50 should sign him,50 need better production,blah blah blah.
Y'all starting to sound like the teacher on Charlie Brown lol.

Dam relax,if you don't like what he's doing that much,move on.
Or just deal with it.Listen to his songs when you think they sound good and skip the ones you don't like,it's that simple.
Try it sometimes it might work.
How many 50 threads are you trying to make in 2 days lol.

I'm a fan of 50,but if I don't like what he puts out,I don't listen to it.Not makes threads after threads whining.


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