Top 5 Richest Rappers of All-Time!! (Net Worth Listings - Forbes!!)


1. Master P - $661 Million

2. 50 Cent - $480 Million

3. P.Diddy $380 Million

4. Jay-Z $360 Million

5. Russell Simmons, $325 Million

******THE WINNER IS: *******
From this:

to this:

Yep, he still trying to spend "Make Em' Say Ughhhh 1998 Money" - Forbes 2009

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i got a check for $5,600 just to post this!!
lol!! :)
Master P aint got that kind of money.

50 is under Jay and Diddy.
LMAO @ 50 behind jay and diddy when hes clearly not muther f*****, not this year or not last year go do ya homework f*** b0y
no 50 is even behind kanye, 50 made 20 mil, kanye did 25 then diddy 30 and jay 35,, jay had a better deal than 50 he got a 150 million dollar deal with live nation
they didnt say of that yr they said of all time in that regard 50 cent still has more money than jay or diddy farless for kanye boi do ur homework
man f*** u master isnt that wealthy
no hes not dummy
What do you fools know about another man's net worth? None of you dyslexic scrubs have ever seen any of these artists' tax reports. The only reason I registered is because I can't stand stupid s***. I can't stand stupid a** n***** (that includes you white n*****, asians, latinos, black n***** whatever you are) or the dumb s*** you say. How can you base a man's well being off what you see on TV? "I ain't seen Master P on BET for a while so Soulja Boy got more money than him!! Because I'm a stupid a** n****!!!" You ARE a stupid a** n**** and you will always be a stupid a** n**** just for thinking like that.

Master P was known internationally in the early 2000s for being the wealthiest black man in America. Alongside Opera as the richest black woman. Stop being stupid a** b****** and LEARN SOMETHING. Read. Get informed. This is simple s***, there are resources out there that me, you and everybody else has access to. I can't stand how the hip hop community is full of stupid a** brainwashed idiots - thats the only reason its in the state that it is today, because it's supporters have NO SENSE. None.

In response to the dumbass at the bottom "BISD - Surfer Wave Yayo" (atleast his name at the time), you are a stupid a** n****. You know why? I'll tell you why. It isn't often that Forbes releases an ALL TIME list. If you have lists for the last few years of richest rappers, it doesn't mean anything to this topic. Forbes releases income reports for a fiscal year. This article is about ALL TIME, and you're talking about yearly figures. 50 Cent is coming up close, but the top rappers make about 30 mil a year on average - so based on that it would take another 5+ years to reach the bar that Master P set.

hitmayne definitely knows what he's talking about.

Please educate yourselves. Even if you're not in school, read something. It was never cool to be dumb - not even in the most gangsta s***. If any of you dumbys end up in a position of power, our future is F*****.
LMAO, you just went ham on em mayne. Some real talk tho, can't even front.


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