Rapster J's Stretford Avenue sells 450 k within 3 days. Rapster J INTERVIEW

Rapster J's third studio album "Stretford Avenue" was released on Sunday and has been a hit worldwide. The album has already sold 445k within the first three days of release and is set to be it's projected first week sales of 750k. The album will undoubtedly reach top of the UK and United States charts.

There are fears that sales may decrease in the next few days due to a number of sites releasing free copies of the album. FREE DOWNLOAD HERE FOR ALL YOU N*****:


The album sees a return of the typical crazy gangster Rapster J, after his second album "Crossing The Line II" saw the Manchester rapper speak more deeply of his life and feelings.

The album also re-sparks beef with rivals Knoccout Ent and the retired Cawna Store. Rapster J reveals that the small Detroit based rapper got fired by his label and did not retire in any form. The album also see's shots taken at 40 year old virgin C Webb, 50 cent wannabe Brick City, Manchester based MC's CREW 22 and many of the knoccout ent members.

An interview was held on Rap Lab TV earlier today where Rapster J's long time friend Big AL interviewed the self proclaimed "Big Geez" about the album, Read below:

Big Al: Waddup my n**** 445k sold first three days of the new album J, mayne you must be buzzed?

Rapster J: It's certaintly a great time in my career n****. You know going for 750 k first week and it's looking likely my niggah. Biggest selling album of the year, my third number 1, It's just f****** insane.

Big Al: Of course I get a bit of credit for producing a couple of the rhymes my niggah haha. So niggah what inspired your third album?

Rapster J: Haha yeah thanks for that n****. Well mayne it had been nearly 2 years since Crossing The Line 2 and it was just time to get an album out. I'd already had the biggest mixtape of the year, The Big Remix, and it's got even better with the album. I liked the mixtape but it had a few weak tracks amongst a few brilliant tracks. But the albums so solid its unreal, my best piece of work to date.

Big Al: Many of us agree, Many critics claiming that this third album is a classic, Is that nice to hear after some criticism of your second album?

Rapster J: I dont give a f*** what the critics say nig. You know mayne f*** em. They hailed me as the greatest rapper alive after my first album came out and built so much buzz around my second album, only to slate it as not fitting my image when it came out. Yes it was quite an emotional album, but thats how I felt at the time my niggah. Raps about spitting your thoughts and life and thats what I did. So f*** those n*****. I'll admit Crossing The Line II wasnt as good as Crossing The Line, but it was still a good album and it deserved the critics respect. So even if they like my third album, I still dont f*** with them n*****.

Big Al: Yes your relationship with the press is very heated, you also have a fierce rivalry with a number of rappers you mention on the album, Mainly Cawna Store? How would you explain your beef?

Rapster J: I have beef with a few n***** right now, Brick City b******, C Webb the little slum n****, Crew 22 always gonna be beefin with us, but yeah my main problem is with knoccout ent. and their leader Cawna Store. You know I thought n***** had cut out the fake gimmics but we see him running his cunting mouth every week, when his labels just dropped him and that fat c*** Bulk, and I ask myself is it really worth f****** with this n****? But I can't help but take a pop and laugh at his joke of a career. You know me Big Al, I don't back down against any n****, so if he disses me whilst i was in exile the whole of 2011, when I returned he knew I was gonna destroy him.

Big Al: Yeah man I understand what you're saying my n****. Another question, How are you coping with the death of our friend, and your mentor Doctor May? Must be a hard time?

Rapster J: Some days I dont think about it. Some days I do. And when I do, I miss the niggah you know. He was the best rapper there was, and me and my n**** MC A are going to let his spirit live on through our raps. I love Stretford Avenue cos it has the last few beats Dr. May had left me before he passed away. I mean I'm sure in his basement you'll find tapes and tapes of unheard beats, but until his wife gives us permission to go through them, we got to accept that these are Mays last beats to us n*****. So I just wanna thank the Doctor. See you in another life my niggah.

Big Al: Now that May has passed away, Do you think you will sign people to the Rap Lab label and mentor them? Any rappers that have impressed you?

Rapster J: Well n****, the last year of his life May didnt really sign or look to sign any n*****, and Pretty Boy was actually signed by me and MC A. Soo we've been mentoring him and trying to mould him into the Rap Lab image. I'm not sure if he's got it right away, but he's getting there, he's a cool niggah. But yeah I've been looking at a few other rappers, Lost Dogg impressed me, I heard a mixtape by him and I was impressed, you know I've spoke to that niggah before and we have mutual respect, so who knows maybe one day he might join Rap Lab or if not be on a track with us geezers.

Big Al: Talking of collabs? Theres been pictures in the media of proof both Cawna Store and Spaceranger wanted to collab with Rap Lab. What did you make of this?

Rapster J: Well for starters I would never work with Cawna. At the time I considered the offer cos it would be so unexpected and would be a shock for hip hop, and there'd be such a buzz for a collab. But after he offered me a collab, he made out i was begging him to be on my tracks and s***. It was the other way round niggah, I posted the proof online, He got showed up for the b**** made niggah he is once again. As for Spaceranger, he dissed me on a few tracks under knoccout, before they kicked him out, and then once he got kicked out hewanted to join Rap Lab. Cos that n**** needs to be in a group cos if he did solos he couldnt make enough material to make an album. He isnt good enough. He's not sellable so I dont want to work with that f***** n****.

Big Al: Yeah you cant f*** with b**** made n***** J, So last of all will there be any more Rapster J or Rap Lab projects before the end of the year?

Rapster J: Yeah n**** there is one more mixtape out before christmas. Me and DJ Pisnoc, my hood n****, we're making a Christmas collaboration, all his beats, and I'm rapping over them. Expect features of many Lab members MC A, Pretty Boy, Lil Gregory and Sweetcandy. I also want a verse of Skinny T cos we haven't worked together since he appeared on "Stay True" off the "Potion" album two years ago. But who knows. Me and Pisnoc finished the first track we done for it. That was a hard disstape at a certain fried chicken f****** f***** n****. But we need to work on more of the mixtape, our target release date in December 22nd/23rd. More updates on twitter and thisis50.com my niggah.

Big Al: Well thanks for that update J, any final words from you before we go?

Rapster J: Thanks to all the n***** who copped my album, and if you listening, watching, reading this interview, go and cop the album niggah. F*** Cawna Store and f*** Crew 22. Rapster J, I'm the big f****** geez, over and out niggah.

Big Al: Thanks mayne thats all from Rap Lab TV



F*** CAWNA STORE, F*** KO ENT, F*** BRICK CITY, F*** CREW 22, F*** C WEBB AND F*** THE SPACERANGER N**** F*** YOU B**** MADE N*****!!!



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u was beggin me to collab u little p****. suck it up and stay the fucc down
Stfu c*** my album sold more than all your projects. You begged for collabs you b**** made n****
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C Webb im gonna kill you n**** f*** you. Youre getting another disd you d*** sucking rent boy. Try and get out the slums you f*** n**** haha
As for cawna try and get back on a label. Got dropped lol you irrelevant c*** of a n****. I f***** yo momma whilst you were in the basement bumming webb haha b**** made n****
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