This is the true story Fox n 50 Cent grew up togther fox is 38 n 50 cent is 33
fox came home in 2005 got shot up at a dice game and didn't do s*** messiah n
t-rock shot him but it wasn't for fox...he started rapping he teamed up with
stack bundles and byno to get a flow they helped him he met up wit Halim(50 cent
Road Manager) and 50 did a intro for fox cd 50 wanted fox around to shoot n*****
50 gave fox 20grand not the 1.4 million he was bragging about fox let the s***
go to his head he was talkin behind n***** backs like lloyd banks. He told a
b**** him and banks was f****** that banks was broke 50 aint like it so he cut
him off,so if u have the T.O.S. Album go to "you so tough" and listen to banks
verse that whole verse is about fox. 50 started f***** "Joy" she a country chick
from Miami fox loved...50 would call Joy to the mansion n f*** her for hours
yall do the math u don't see his vids or music on we aint seen him
around 50 since the "I get money" video 50 cut him off its obvious yall why he
wasn't in rider part 2.then fox last straw was when he went to North Carolina n
he told a n**** gimme 10grand n u signed to G-Unit the country dude gave it to
him n fox with his f***** a** ran off so dude kept callin g-unit offices about
his money then 50 got rid off fox permently..all fox girls f*** other rappers
Sadia f***** n ice recorded fox for 2yrs n he stiffed them on
that n they got evicted from they studio fox is a grimey n**** he f**** over
good people why u see his circle change n managment change evry couple months
frankie j was his manager now u see regg rocc he a big a** liar fox if u readin
this u know its the truth UR NOT DOWN WIT G-UNIT NOMORE PERIOD , U WAS NEVA
SIGNED TO THEM.. Plus he owe 50 100grand for that voxonic deal which neva
happen. So the reason people f***** wit u cuz u was with the Unit they used ya
old dumass to get around 50 now all the n***** u introduced to 50 f*** wit him
now n not u god don't like ugly and I don't know a record label in history
that's gonna invest in. 38 year old rapper that can't write his own music n****
go get some botox shots larry holmes face .Joy when I see u bend over fox is old
n sick come get this young puerto rican c*** girl... Oh yea n if yall wanna call
fox here's his number direct number no b*******

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G unit didn't flop b/c buck left it flopped b/c da album wasn't good enough.

How da f*** did curtis flop if he sold 700k copies.

Young Buck aint doin good,wen was da last time u heard from him. he aint ever goin 2 b doin good b/c fif aint goin 2 release his albums.

and it amazes me how ppl say fif is over just b/c tos flopped.
co sign ma hes a clown that dnt knw music
Co-Sign Yayo..

N***** B B****** Son..
Yayo got to be one of the worst rappers alive. But banks buck and 50 cool. But i agree with yayo n***** need to stop with the rumors.
Shut the f*** up...Yayo worst rapper alive? How the f*** you gonna say that? Especcially after S.O.D and Black Friday. Yayo aint the best rapper out there, but his music is crazy. And if you really think that Yayo is the worst rapper out there, then you got some real sirious issues...
you tell em yayo !
Co-sing Yayo.. lol..

F*** whoever said Yayo is the worst alive. TOAPD, Black Friday and SOD alone prove he ain't.
All I see is a G-Unot at the end which means the rest of the jumbled up horseshit isn't worth reading.
You think anyone is gonna read all that gay b******* you wrote man? I'm sorry, anyone, anyone that would type gggggggggggggggggunot for life is a total complete loser, wow, thats kinda corny. And so Fif kicking Fox out, which he was never in the group and probably never even signed to the label, was never on any albums or singles, had a mixtape Fif did a track on, had a Whoo Kid mixtape, but you take it as oh they all leaving, how is Fif kicking someone out Fox leaving cause Fif f**** people? Dam you must be either one stupid f***, or just such a Game groupie you dont know what your saying. Then you think TOS didnt sell cause of Buck? Are you serious? Plus, BFM didnt do 4 mill, it did like 3 mill worldwide, D******, that was 5 years ago, so Interscope shipping 140k copies first week, no new videos, 3 months to drop Rider vid, s*** was old by then, Fif doing a movie, leaving Banks and Yayo to promte the album, BET beef, 106 didnt play there s***, kicked Banks and Yayo off faster than anyone ever. And yes they lost Buck. But it was many things that is why it didnt sell. Not just Buck. Then if Buck was so important, why his album sell nothing? S***, his s*** sold 140k first week, and he had no problems with his album, not like TOS did. Why did Game go from 580k with the Doc to 240k with LAX? How'd that happen, couldnt be that the internet f***** sales up and really nobody is selling, Wayne did a mill first week, Fif did that and did over 5 mill in the US, Wayne did a mill and isnt even at 3 mill in the US. that shows sales be way way down, And Curtis flopped? 700k first week, and by the way, he outsold Kanye worldwide, 3 to 4 mill worldwide is a flop? Dam bro, you need to take GAmes d*** out your mouth and get the facts. Where is Buck at now? Where is BWS at? Never dropped an album, GAmes s*** flopped hard, with Keysha, Wayne and now Ne Yo singles, huge features and production, still couldnt sell. Dam, that sucks for him. And this Game stan is on Fifs site making s*** bigger, thats pretty funny.
co sign he s a clown


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