Aight now that I got ur attention, I dont wanna sound like a dickhead, so ima give a valuable arguement as to why Lupe Fiasco, in my opinion, is the best rapper ever. Dont get me wrong tho, only cuz I like Lupe, dont mean i hate on other artist. 50 is cool sometimes, Wayne is in my Top 5, Cassidy is in my Top 5, and even up n comer Drake, aka jimmy from degrassi, is in my current Top 5 most currently listened to. But anyway, back to my original subject. I will give insight on basically all of Lupes twist and turns in his career, and why hes my personal all time favorite.

Now, you may know Lupe as the nerdy skateboardin (which gets me tight cuz he only made 1 skateboard song, which was really a metaphor about life anyway) rapper. But he originally was a gangsta rapper. He was actually the first one to sign the late great Stack Bundles before dipset or desert storm. Stack Bundles and Lupe were in a group called Da Pak at the beginning of their careers when Lupe signed him to FNF (1st & 15th). But, even as a gangsta rapper, Lupe was stilll goin in on tracks. For example, I Keep It Gutter ft Stack Bundles, where Lupe says

"foresee me 4-5thin, ill have ya n***** pourin liquor out, like its prohibition."

and also, Dead Presidents Freestyle where he says,

"No question, you ain't gotta A-S-K,I fly dope, pocket full of J-F-K's,I rise to the occasion like toast,Wit toast on the waist, I flood ya watch flooded like a basement man, You and my main foes fold like clean clothes, Sub-machine holes the size of Shaq rings in between ya eyes like nose".

As I hope to have proved, gangsta or not, Lupe be goin innnnnnnn. But anyway, Lupe being the noble person that he is, decides to change his whole style up. He says that he rather have 1 fan do somethin good because of his music, than havin 1000000 fans sayin that the reason they did a drive by, or robbed a liquor store, or sold drugs was because of his music. I dont know about u, but I think its better for him to be honest wit himself and his fans and stop rappin about things he either doesnt agree wit or was never a part of, instead of some rappers who say they are big time drug dealers when they were really police officers, But I digress. One of the first real songs that Lupe used to change his whole style up was Coulda Been, where he says

"I Could Be Sticking Up Convinient Stores Or Twistin Up What You Feenin For, Or Gettind Bucked With The Meanest W*****, Been Giving Up, On Top Of Building Leaning Forward, With No Wings To Soar Wit, They Could Of Kidnapped My Daughter, Been Extorted For A Couple Of Porshes,
I Might Be Drunk From The Moe, Stombling Slow, Someone to Know, Running Da Show, Or Shoveling Snow"

Another thing about Lupe that makes him great to me is that he talks about things that personally affect. Him being muslim, he makes songs like American Terrorist, about the mistreatment of Muslims, and overall corruption of the government, and a muslim remix to Kanye West famous song, which he calls Muhammad Walks, and a personal song off his 2nd album The Cool, which he talks about the death of family members and friends called Fighters. And on some no homo s***, he got some of the best hip hop love songs ive ever heard such as Sunshine and Paris Tokyo. He is also able to hit many diffrent subjects in his songs such as rape, drug addiction, and immigration alllll in 1 song called Intruder Alert, and the struggles of up and coming rappers in Hip Hop Saved My Life.

Also, he has the ability to completely go over peoples heads and make u actually have to think about wtf hes sayin, like in Failure where literally every single line has 2 meanings, such as

I stack my paper and throw off my cents,This is top floor, better look out below
Pennies from heaven is the same as the semi from the second, And I reign supreme, Turn your umbrellas upside down, Did you even catch the change in theme?


Bet I be in her head like overnight, Like rollers, right, She the chauffeur, right, So I keep her sober, She don't get Fed Ex like overnight, I am Dolemite, All that gas can't help you but solar might, So Just call on sun, Drop a 's', Pick up an 'o', you kno (uno), put it all on "one", and Brace yourself like overbite, For that quiet n**** that relocated down south, Coming back to floss, N**** get your molars right, Fix your grill, No plaque but a whole lot of cheese

And in the song Twilight Zone where Lupe gives everyday items human characteristics and says,

"The Havatampas is defending the Dutches, they keep catchin cases, But the judge is a Swisha he just give em iBonds and community service with the Papers, so the Newport's is gettin mad at the ZigZags then out come the razors, See the Kool's is killers on the creep, Rush up on the Philly, leave his guts spillin on the street"

And i cant forget about Dumb it Down .

He speaks about real issues, like in Conflict Diamonds, where he speaks about the real side of all the jewelry worn by all the current rappers, and Little Weapon, which is about all ranges of kids around the globe wit easy access to guns and violence.

Lupe also has a range to him, being influenced by alot of diffrent music, he has a rock/rap song called Hello/Goodbye (Uncool).

In the song Hurt Me Soul, he talks about how he hated hip hop and its intentions at the beginning of his introduction to it. And in Daydreamin' where he personifies a project buildin as a robot lookin out into the world.

The greatest thing about Lupe to me is his creativity and imagination when it comes to songs. For those of you that dont kno, Lupe literally has a comic book type story that has been goin on thru many of his songs. The story goes Michael Young History grows up fatherless in the song He say, She say. Then on a mixtape song called Real Recognize Real Lupe introduced the 2 characters named The Streets and The Game. The Streets is personified as an old tempress who though out time, has had many people fall victim to her, such as Al Capone, Alexander the Great, King Tut etc. She has all her victims names tatooed on her chest. The Game is personified as a sadistic man who kills no matter who he befriends, includin Scarface and The GodFather. Listen to Put You on Game, where The Game is fully explained, and listen to Streets on Fire, where The Streets is fully explained (Streets on Fire is also intrepreted to be about AIDS). But, continuing the story, after Michael Young History's father leaves, his mother meets both The Game and The Streets in the mixtape song I Dont Feel So Good where she becomes a stripper. MYH grows up and falls in love wit The Streets in the song The Coolest, where he says

"She said- that she would give me greatness, Status, placement above the others
My face would grace covers Of the magazines of the hustlers Paper, the likes of which that I had never seen, Her eyes glow green with the logo of our dreams, The purpose of our scene, The obscene obsession for the bling, She would be my queen, I could be her king Together, she would make me cool And we would both rule, forever And I would never feel pain, And never be without pleasure, ever, again, And if the rain stops And everything's dry, She would cry Just so I can drink the tears from her eyes, She'll teach me how to fly, Even cushion my fall If my engines ever stall And I plummet from the sky, But she will keep me high And if I ever die, She would commission monuments on her bosom To hum, Or maybe she'd retire as well, A match made in Heaven set the fires in Hell"

**her eyes have dollar signs, she cries hennesy tears, think about that for a second**

In the song The Die, Michael Young History is killed, and in the song The Cool (from Food & Liquor,which is where Lupe got the name of his 2nd album from) Michael Young History turns into The Cool and comes back from the dead, wit a rotted right hand (his good rotted away, his righteous rotted away, etc) but still has his gold key on a necklace that was given to him as a present by The Streets, who wears a locket on a necklace, thus, she gave him the key to the streets.

******Edit: Lupe is also co-signed by alot of legends in the game, such as Snoop, who worked wit him on a song called Hi-Definition, Bun B on the song Swang on em', and Jay-Z has many songs wit Lupe, but my favorite being Sittin Sideways' Remix.

**********Edit: Other songs to look out for are Gotta Eat, where he uses foods as a metaphor for the life of a hustla, his Chicago anthem called Go Go Gadget Flow, which is ridiculously sick, and song about police brutality called Handcuffs, a song called Siwtch where he shows his versatility by switchin his flow, style and subject matter all on the famous Houston beat, and his mixtape song called Mean & Vicious where he makes his 2nd verse battle the 1st. FNF UP!!

Aight now thats my arguement, and i obviously worked hard on this. u dont have to agree wit me, u could still think hes the wackest rapper ever if u want to, but im just sayin, respect my opinion cuz i respect urs. So, wit that, dont leave no stupid hatin a** comments, if u wanna say u still think hes wack, aight do that, but dont be a hatin a** n****. please.

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Wow...Wayne, Cassidy, and Drake in your top 5?
Wayne - Sold a garbage cd...I give him that, he built his buzz nicely
Cassidy - Lost me, used to be a huge fan now I don't care for him..He can't make a cd neither
Drake - LOL

My point is your ears are distorted. Not to say Lupe ain't raw, but "Best Rapper"....Nah, sorry
I'm just saying the last thing Wayne went into was Baby's a** or vise versa, Last thing Cassidy went into was prison or a hospital because he continually reminds you of his case/car accident.
Drake can spit fire but he's so new and I thought you mean best rappers period, ok my bad about misunderstanding. And my friend is a Lupe head, I get he's visionary but if you want that listen to some Nas. Look up I Gave You Power if you never heard it, thats something I'm listening to now
thank you i thought i was the only one who caught this stuff
if u did say best rapper right now your argument would be valid but to say best ever is crazy but that's your opinion homey and, if u believe he's the best ever more power to you.
valid point you changed my opinion of lupe cause i really dont like tha lil muhfucka but good s*** n****,,,best rapper alive tho...ehh
this dude got to much into this like he in love with his music and s*** but i honestly cant stand lupe but props on your research tho
everybody got the likes and dislikes so no hatin on ya cuz
hmmm not the best ever but he's cool.
lupe is the best in the game so i agree with you on that but not the best ever their wer so many other rappers that can b4 that laid the blueprint 4 him you may not no them but you got to show respect but thought i was the only one that thought this dude was underatted as hell this n**** the s*** 4 real two classic cds and i like how u interpreted his music but nun of that matters anymore ppl dont listen to music nomore they just skim through it like jay-z said its sad he dont get the respect he diserves but n***** just dont know wat they missin

Chi-Town stand Up
i mean alotta rapper got hot bars aint nothin new but best ever gotta bring more swag 2 it u look at Pac n u hear Pac n its says the best 2 ever do it aint nobody wanna f*** with that man u seen wat he did 2 biggie biggie was like hell naw i aint goin at pac jay was scared 2 go at pac so yea man that n**** will 4 eva be the best 2 it becuz when it came down 2 it n***** fell in line when pac had a song out n n***** kept they s*** shut when pac said somthin about them same thing bout em n***** fall in line like game did rewrote his lines in 45 mins he was so scared of the boy n he kno Em is the best alive the new pac dont nobody want it with that boy marshall n lupe dont have that i mean if u gon say that u gon have 2 say cassidy is better than big n pac which is nowhere on they level but cassidy has had rhymes like this so has andre 3 k andre 3 k been puttin it down with better rhymes n been puttin it down way way way b4 lupe but andre 3 k aint got s*** on pac so lupe aint got s*** on pac yea lupe imo is better than wayne but wayne has that swag of an em n pac rite now jus how kanye had that swag in 07 n how ti had that swag in 06 n 50 had that swag 4rm 03-05 PAC IS THE GREATEST PERIOD F*** LUPE AS THE BEST


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