We all know why Street King Immortal is getting pushed back. WE ALL AND YOU ALL SHOULD KNOW WHY. it's in front of ur eyes dummies.

Ever since the huge success of Curtis in 2007, 50 has been expanding into movies, books, headphones, perfume, thisis50, etc.

Jimmy lovine owns shares and 10's of millions of dollars if not 100's of millions into Beats By Dre. So does Dr Dre.
You think Jimmy will let an international super star like 50 cent succeed?

If SKI was released with full backing from label and singles and music videos promoted properly like all other labels do, then SKI would sell around 500,000 and go no.1 on all charts. THAT'S A FACT. look at singles New Day and My Life and Major Distribution = all bangers. New Day was leaked by alicia and then 50's version was scrapped. it was not even promoted properly. Then My Life, sure they promoted it but nothing was pushed further. they put the record out, promoted it for 1 week, then stopped spending money.

INTERSCOPE KNOWS IF 50 SELLS 500,000 COPIES AND GOES NO.1, HE WILL DESTROY BEATS BY DRE. JIMMY IS GONNA LOSE 100'S OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS IF SKI IS A HIT. remember, jimmy already heard the album and told 50 this is your best record since Get Rich. If jimmy lets 50 succeed, which he won't, then he will lose tons of money.

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The fact that Jimmy is head of Interscope and also part owner/founder of Beats is definitely working against 50. Beats is more important to Jimmy now than what Interscope is coz Beats will be a BILLION dollar brand in 3-5yrs.
By 50 succeeding in music which will then help his other ventures succeed (SMS Audio) it only hurts Beats which then hurts Jimmy. It makes sense.
50 needs to push this himself and then get the f*** away from Jimmy and Interscope!
finally a smart person who understands what iam sayin. interscope been leaking 50's stuff for past 4 years. ever since BISD leaked 1 month early, interscope has not been supporting 50. i bet thye leaked that.
btw everyone who says 50 cent fell off are saying it because BISD sold 170,000 1st week. but they forget it leaked 1 month before. how come dr dre's stuff doesn't leak or eminm???

I always said it was a personal thing against 50. Just look at all the moves interscope has done. If nobody can see that they are blind. Game has no hits on any of his albums but he released them. Game s*** is wack still but even with no promotion why aren't they allowing 50 to release his album? They can just put it out with no money but they won't. They tryin to f*** 50 up. Simple as that.

And as far as beats, Sony owns that s*** and they own interscope. Interscope owns aftermath and Dre. It's not the fact that beats is owned by jimmy and dre, it's the fact that Sony owns them and puts money behind it. 50 don't have major company backing and its only been out 2 years. 50 making noise without the machine. Hes' proving anybody can do what they want and succeed which is why jimmy don't want to f*** with 50. Bottom line is beats is still going to make money because THE SONY COMPANY IS BACKING THEM. Once again, they just trying to f*** 50 up.

i thought i was the only one who was seeing this s*** but still 50 still will be king. 50 needs to get himself a new recording deal somewhere else to stop this madness.

best thing that can happen is that ain't Tru and at the last minute they release the album cover with tracklist and a new single ... but

I wish. but at this point 50 will never have major hits or sales like he used to. Curtis was huge success. But from BISD to now, Interscope fuked 50 up. they destroying his image. Rem when 50 was tweeting that he might die soon??? he knew what interscope is doing.
Although interscope did not release My Life in many countries, it is still a dope song and making noise. Just look at Justin Timberlake ft Jay Z and Will I am ft Britney Spears. their singles were released all over the world with heavy backing from their labels.
Interscope dont give a F. they suck and killed so many good careers in last 10 years.
A platinum album isn't successful? Rofl GTFO troll
wait a minute, i thought you people didn't believe this s***? didn't i state before that Interscope is a corrupt label and nobody took notice? Interscope is the music label that always had that black cloud around them. they got a hold on 50's life for real and everybody was calling me crazy. the only way you'll see this album drop on time is if he just says "f*ck you" to Interscope and decides to release the tracklisting and drop on the 26th of February
yaa, Interscope controls 50's music career. If they don't push and promote his album/music, he has no career with them. I mean Interscope knows 50 will leave their a** after 5th album, so they trying their best to suck every penny and every bit of music career left so that after he leaves, he cant sell records an dhelp other big labels make money.
Interscope greedy pigs.
f** beats by dre. drop detox and stop BS. im tired of this dre. Now I hear he worked with Ross for Beats by dre. WTF. get ur head together dre.
Em is way more loyal to 50 than Dre + Jimmy.
Even if 50 decides to drop it anyways without the label backing, he will sell 150,000. When with entire ull label backing him up, this album SKI has potential of doing 500,000. no joke. check the tracklist and quality of music. it's dope as F. This is by far better than BISD and Curtis. I thought BISD was more like a mixtape than an album and Curtis had alot of dope records but so far My Life, Major Distribution, New Day, The Psycho....all 4 sound better than most songs on Curtis, BISD, and even Massacre. this album could do 500,000.....butttt interscope will never let 50 get that.

lmfao at this music conspiracy BS by bloggers wit no experience in the music business.....
interscope is blackballin' 50 BUT not for the reasons u dudes is typin' bout.....
50's riff wit interscope is part of his own doin'....so if jimmy got 50 by the balls why dont he just leave ?? simple....u know why ??? cause 50 as the great business mind he is knows he has the best chance wit interscope...

''You think Jimmy will let an international super star like 50 cent succeed?''

lmao ^^ smh really? jimmys beef wit 50 is cause hes ''international'' lmao aint gaga on interscope? i stay gettin' goood laughs on thisis50

where was u 50 fans when before the vitamin water deal and so on 50 sayin f*** jimmy and that he was his own boss??? lmao im thinkin' u niggahs' is new fans or u only look at things from a 50 interview.....

DRE, u got dre's nuts in ur hand. let them go so we can discuss this.
Let's face it, Dre + Jimmy have big part in Dre Beats. Only getting started, the last thing they need is competition from 50 cent. Who btw has sold more than Dre, has more chart toppers, more radio play, and more international than Dre, and got Timbaland to SMS. I am not downplaying Dre, but what I am saying is that DETOX WILL NEVER BE RELEASED CUZ IF HE RELEASES DETOX, HE WILL SELL 100,000.
How the hell Dre says he recorded 400 songs and he cant put that into an album? wtf. 400 songs into 15?? is that hard?
anyways. detox is a myth. believe it. So jimmy and dre have only dre beats to make millions.
They gotta murder 50 cent to survive. They began in 2009. They stabbed 50 in the back.
50 can go into any venture he wants. Face it, Headphones are not limited to Dre beats. 50 doesnt owe Dre anything to not make headphones.


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