If He Kept His Act Straight....Young Buck Could've Been King Of The South

His lack of appreciation and loyalty is what did him in,, but just think of the career Young Buck could've had.

Buck is has always been one of the most talented in the game when it comes to dropping full songs in which he wasn't just spitting the same recycled nonsense that even myself is guilty of falling for these days.

He touched on topics that mattered whether you were moving that $hit or just living a normal life.

I skimmed thru his latest mixtape ,which ironically has 'loyalty' in the title, and remembered why ''Buck The World'' is one of the best albums that dropped in that decade in my opinion.

The problem with the mixtape is that it has in-house low budget production and throwaway beats from better known producers.

Picture Buck spitting over the official backdrops of a Ross or Jeezy......nothing short of crack could be expected.

He was hands down the King Of The South in my opinion,, a dude who's story was real and had the talent to match.

He made the mistake of not being logical when he decided he was too big for the group,, made ugly and irrational decisions that have caused his career to be reduced to what's left of it today.

Hate him or love him,, his talent can't be denied although he decisions may have put his talents reaching the masses on hold forever.


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its really sad cuz the guy could actually rap...but after he did what he did (even after he had f***** up and knew he f***** up and fif was still considering giving him ANOTHER chance) i simply cannot ride with this n**** no more...he completely embarrassed the south with that s*** he did and i honestly dont even click on his music anymore...even after ppl telling me its tight. im done with this guy

C sing erry thang u said was 1000. We don't even clicc play on his music. Fucc bucc

Trust Me nobody down here give a f*** about that "King Of The South" title the only thing we care about is The Music

T.I. been claiming King Of The South since I'm Serious........We don't take that s*** to heart like other regions about who King

Ross Stopped talking about it after "I'm Talkin To You" On King album

True 'kings' don't have to keep screaming it in their rhymes so the general public don't ever give a fukc bout that kind of $hit.

My thing is that if he decided to talk to 50 bout going solo and doing his own thing, some kind of agreement could've been reached in which Buck could actually put out music that could go to radio without having on the cuffs of being contractually obligated and over the past few years could've built a body of work that the masses in the South and nationwide would appreciate and applaud.

"He was hands down the King Of The South in my opinion,, a dude who's story was real and had the talent to match." -- co sign

yeah Buck is mad talented but he really f***** up, he should of never said f*** G-Unit after getting dropped from G-Unit the group. He could of still had a successful solo career on G-Unit records. I think the drugs were f****** with his head and he made a lot of stupid decisions and still does. If I were 50 I wouldn't let him out of his contract either. Instead of making up with 50 this fool is really trying to work with MMG and s***.

I disagree on the beats part tho, Buck shouldn't use those new trash trap beats, they sound all the same and the ones he used on his new tape messed up his mixtape for me. His music has always been different from that typical southern sound, that's why his first 2 albums were so good.

Buck has talent, but when you owe people money & don't pay them. You have to look in the mirror & blame yourself.

Buck was good in G UNIT but just like game he had to go behind 50's bac and start talkin s***, he dug his grave and now he got to lay in it. R.I.P g unit solider. #SK

Its crazy cuz after fifty, buck was my 2nd fav rapper in that group ... He brought that street thug, very good music, wit alptta energy charisma that banks and the rest of them other n***** didnt have ... To see his career like dis bcuz of his disloyalty is a damn shame .... Like @rell said after that whole incident wit him and gunit, i couldnt even get myself to click his music nomore

This reminded me of this interview, especially what 50 said @04:05


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