I'm sure you all know by now that Ross has finally had something flat out disrespectful to say to Eminem. There are 1,000 threads to show. And all I keep seeing is that Rick Ross is a dumbass for it. Ya boy thinks on another level, and I think it was a great move. Here's why.

Deeper Than Rap sold over 158,000 copies in it's first week, good for first place on the Billboards. Yeah, I know 158,000 isn't anything too major, but I think the fact that he's number 1 shows that it's more of a f***** up market than anything. Artists like 50, Em, Kanye, Wayne and a few others have put themselves on a platform to consistently do numbers that destroy Ross'. So even though he's still not on that level of Em and Fif, I believe he's at least at the head of the "common class of rappers".

And being at the head of the common class isn't such a bad thing now-a-days. Especially when your music is said to be better than the elites.

Get Up - 50 Cent

Valley Of Death - Rick Ross

We Made You - Eminem
Rick Ross has been tearing up the hood (at least where I'm from) with his impressive array of songs he has been putting out as of late. The beef with Curtis has given Rick the mainstream exposure he's always needed. Look how many threads there are on Rick Ross. Really, go count them. Who was worried about him before he went at 50? I damn sure wasn't. Now, I myself feel compelled to comment on the dude. Still in my mind, Ross is winning this one because he's putting out good music. I don't want to hear anything about 50 not having an album coming out, Get Up and I Get It In were both slated to be singles for that. In comparing that alone, Ross is eatin 50 up. Yeah, the baby momma s*** bad, the c.o. thing s*** worse, and the Unit's disses were definately better, but that doesn't take away the fact Ross is performing the art of rap better. In my mind at least. Don't hate.

So, f*** it..................why not go at Em? That's even more exposure for him. "We Made You" has been criticized just as much as Get Up and nothing is too special about 3 A.M. Basically, judging by the looks of it, Marshall should maybe push his s*** back too. Now that Ross knows he has the market's attention, why not create more controversy and go at the white boy? What's Em really gonna do? Murder him on a couple diss songs. Of course. But that's not going to stop Ross. He's the only n**** that's handling these beefs with the mind of a real n**** other than how Jada did.
Ja fell off and Cam started coming out the house in skin tight boxers,

obviously it got to them. But not Ross. I don't think he'll ever shut up.

I said it when he beefed with 50, and I'll say it now, Rick is hustlin the f*** out the industry.

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I will have to disagree with you...and i will tell you why...

Rick Ross did do OK first week not including that Ahser Roth got f***** by not getting enough copys shipped.

Second... Rick Rosses Album was criticized as much as everyone else's...if you notice Rick Ross album had lots of features so did Ja so did Fat Joe...what that means is he had some big names on his album that help him get that promotion he needed, he was not getting promoted by 50 cent beef. YOu know how you said CO s*** was the WORST not really... Majority of people that buy albums these days are Rich White kids that do live in suburbs and they dont follow raps and beef but they follow to see who they fav artist (Kanye West) has done new tracks with. When you go to hood and projects people that do follow beefs and battles will they respect Ross NO. The only reason why Ross is handling this beef is he is taking The Game strategy by not shutting his mouth and keep posting videos after videos after videos it dont mean that 50 did not do damage...dont forget Benzino has tried that with Eminem The Source magazine sales drop all the way down and Benzino was gone. Fat Joe Jada they fell of cause they did couple diss tracks and they moved on.

Selling 160,000 a week VS Eminem Show1.3 Million First Week

What you going to say if BISD does 300,000 and ems does lets say 500,000 , you know 50 and em are going out sell him... Ross has done nothing with his album especially now that Def Jam is being criticized of by buying their artists albums to help sound scan.

ps... and when it comes to Eminem and 50 cent they only do tracks between each other they dont do do tracks with every artists possible out there (lil Wayne)

Eminem will always do what Eminem does and thats do songs that get critized by everyone and he still going to out sell everyone... because his fans aint just Miami but world wide goes as far as Russia....
I'm not going to say anything if B.I.S.D. does 300,000. I recognize that certain rappers have established themselves enough to that extent that they can sell off name alone as I said above. Ross isn't one of those rappers. So the sales may reflect what those white kids think, but reality is the only thing that effects me. And I know rap is for black people (no racism) mostly, and that the truest people I know would rather hear Ross over Eminem. We will never see that opinion reflected in the sales because, like you said, we don't buy s***. But, the difference wouldn't be as much far apart between Ross' sales and Em' sales if the people that listened to Ross acutally bought his s***.
Em gets play in the hood, if black people didnt f*** with Em its no way he would be in most peoples top 5 and be one of the best to ever do it.
What Eminem songs are you referring to?
Well saying Rap music is only for black people ( i think music is music and rap come in different shapes of forms dont matter who does it so it goes for every other types of music. You cant say Truest people would want Ross over Eminem, you dont know that you are just guessing and expressing your feelings...like i said 1.3 milion world wide... this is Ross's second album and it did better then frist one that did around 70, 000 first week...his 3rd want do much better then second.
I didn't say it's only for black people. But, it's always been about and for black people. Not saying white people can't like it, but, it's pretty much common sense what I'm talking about. You can talk about Tiger Woods all you want, but in the end, golf is a white man's game.

And when I talk about the truest, I'm talking about the realist in this s***. The n***** who sellin drugs, shootin up s***, robbin n*****. The n***** I f**** with. Hood n*****. I can speak for my n*****. And really, I don't know anybody that call themself a hood n**** and f*** with Em's content. Just my opinion, like you said.
What's good to some,not good to all.

I ride thru my hood every day from work.
Every weekend,when I holla at the nuggaz on the block and not 1 time,did I hear somebody playing Deeper Then Rap.

But I guess the dope boys I grew up with,don't know good music,which yall speak of.

Did hear it in the barber shop n some dudes were making jokes.

But hey,I don't blame Ross for going this route.

Its a make,or break you type situation for him.

Which I truely believe it will break him.

On another note,call me sick or crazy,but somebody need tp get shot.

If these nuggaz talking reckless n like killaz on these videos and songs,buss somebody head already.

If not,don't call it beef,call it promotion,
Exactly, the same thing I've been doing with 50 for the past 7 years. It's all straight up publicity stuntin. N***** ain't bout s***.
N***** not hip hop fans because they think Deeper Than Rap not good. I'm the same n**** that calls 50 s*** garbage when it is truly garbage, it aint no dickriding over here I'm just a real true hip hop head who at 7 was listening to scarface and new every word to his songs. I gotta be able to believe what a rapper is talking about and I can't do that with Rick Ross therefore I'm not a fan.
I understand where you coming from. Me, though, being in the frame of mind that all rappers are liars beforehand, will never feel like I have to believe what a rapper is saying before appreciating his music. Plus, Ross spits real s*** every once in a while. Not everything he talks about is that fabricated. Most, but not all.


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