Hip Hop beyond Thisis50 - BIG GHOST FASE Reviews GOD FORGIVES I DON'T.

The only stans on Thisis50.com are the guys that call others stans.

Stans are disgruntled fans, don't get it twisted. Mad 50 cent didn't sign their ThisIs50 T-shirt.

Anywsay, stans would like niccas to believe it's only on Thisis50.com that 50 cent fans be hating on the entire industry. When we question shet because we see things that are just wrong with the state of hip hop. You hear we're mad other artist got buzz. We hear of artist that go gold being compared to 12x platinum artist. Well fucc me if that ain't troll azz 30 year olds. We hear of artist selling Lloyd Banks debut numbers being the biggest debuting artist since 50 cent. Haha! But when I come off Thisis50.com.. EVERYBODY ELSE BE SAYING THE SAME SHET GUNIT FANS B SAYIN - THE SAME SHET BOUT THE STATE OF HIP HOP BEING ALL FUCCED UP!



Now this LP was spose to drop..Ionno...like a year ago I think...but s*** jus kept on gettin pushed back over n over. Bawse s***. Anyways its here now. The hype for this s*** was outta control basically. Muthafuckas was fiendin for them fantasy bars n elegant beats that you can usually expect from a Rawse joint. But did this s*** live up to the hype? Good question...

1. Pray For Us - "I kno you understand that n***** aint perfect...but we try Lord" ...The only thing I got from this intro is that if you speed up Cuba Gooding's little brother Omar's voice a little he kinda sound like Larenz Tate n s***.

2. Pirates - This s*** kinda set the bar way up HERE beat-wise for me... S*** is cold. Like this the kinda beat that might make you wanna pull a lamp post outta the street n smash the windows on some school buses namsayin. Ignorant s***. That fat n**** flowin like a muthafucka on this s*** too b. Lyrically he aint sayin s***...but them bars sound good anyways. I was surprised that it was a whole minute n a half before he even sprinkled the word "bricks" in there too yo.

3. 3 Kings feat. Dr Dre & Jay-Z - I dont understand what the f*** Dre thinkin these days b...but basically if you aint produce the beat (the homie Jake One did this one) n you aint write the rhymes (this some Rozay karaoke right here) why you even on the track son? Dont answer that s***...Imma tell you why he on the track. 1) Cuz he mad at 50 Cent for jockin his s*** n puttin out some headphones tryin to cut into his market share (good luck wit that s*** Curtis) n 2) Cuz Dre aint nothin but a brand now. Word is bond. It aint never been no secret that Dre dont write his own rhymes g...not since back when he was still spittin D.O.C. bars...but this s*** is jus excessive as f*** now. On The Recipe wit Kendrick Lamar he jus spittin some ol Kendrick bars n he aint produce that s*** neither (Scoop DeVille got that s*** poppin). Meanwhile he still talmbout he make 30 beats a day n s***...like cmon son. Ayo Dre you wanna be a producer? Theres real producer s*** goin on in the streets man. N***** is in the grind. Where you be at man? N***** be buckin. Why you never buckin? Nobody need to hear Dre spittin like he Rozay n then plug his damn headphones all over this s***. "You should listen to this beat thru my headphones". Naw...F*** ya headphones Dre. You owe us some albums son. Anyways...Jay anchors this s*** n I aint gon lie...this is the lamest s*** he done spit in a minute. But I kno..."ITS JUS DIFFERENT ®". He also claimin "its jussa freestyle". N***** dont wanna hear that s*** par. Wanna hear a "freestyle" Jay? Go back n listen to this s*** n step ya bars up again homie...

4. Ashamed - Ayo that n**** Cool n the other OTHER Dre killed this track yo. So far so good as far as the beat selection go. Rawse spit some s*** talmbout "Before I was a fetus...had the genes of a leader". Im pretty sure Ricky weighed 18 lbs as a fetus...but thats neither here nor there nahmean. Accordin to HIM tho...he was workin as a correctional officer back in the day cuz the n***** that HE worked for had him doin that s*** (which sounds like a straight fairy tale anyways yo...this n**** need to quit actin like he was in The Departed n s***. Ya fat a** was law enforcement n now you rap b. Son shoulda jus came right out n admitted that s*** at the time.."Look I was a c.o... I needed money for pizza pockets n Enyce gear...my bad. Can I live tho?". But thats his business I guess)...he actually doin aight as a "boss". His team eatin. They comin up. I cant front. BUT when son closes out the s*** wit "Now Im worth over a billion...Im ashamed to say" he jus needs to get the entire f*** outta here wit that yo. Im sayin...lets draw a line here somewhere par. We already kno the n**** a habitual liar but cmon son... Like we seeeen the Forbes lists son. We kno you sittin on bout $25 mil bruh. Thats still about 24,999,900 than most n***** got in they bank accounts either way namsayin. You aint gotta lie. I aint no mathematical wizard or nothin yo...but Im pretty sure you like 975 m's short of that b******* a** figure you story fabricatin a** muthafucka. I f**** wit this s*** tho.

5. Maybach Music IV - I aint gon lie...the beat is cool...but Im gettin sick of these s**** b. The only difference this time round is theres no body else rhymin on this s***. Which means you gotta hear MORE stupid s*** comin outta sons mouth than usual..."Im a Mike Tyson type a typewriter sniper" (fuckouttahere...n**** tryin to spit some complex flows now)..."N***** get abused like boys at Penn State" (Smh...not even a pause...)..."Get a b******..have a seizure on a Lear" (....). But like I said...I aint really feelin none of this smooth s*** b. Im still waitin on the amped up joints...that GOTTA CHOPPER IN THE CAR RUHHH RUHHH type s*** namsayin...

6. Sixteen feat. Andre 3000 - More smooth s***... Ayo I get that n***** need to get they creative on sometimes...but this a corny concept b. "When sixteen (bars) aint enough...". Son...you talk bout movin imaginary bricks, red bottoms, whippin work, broads, luxury rides n flyin to exotic locales on ALL ya joints. You could probably make the point you BEEN tryin to make since ya first album in less than 1 bar by now yo. You aint sayin nothin deep bruh. But the b******* you spittin on this track is on another SMH level..."Eisenhower status, Etta James on the dash/Smooth as John Coltrane cruisin in the Cadillac..." That boy 3 Stacks went hammer on this s*** tho. Took a couple listens to hear how ICE. COLD. that verse was for me...but son went in. Hook is trash tho.

7. Amsterdam - This a cool track... He aint really sayin s*** but s*** is kinda nice. Overall I f**** wit it...but the outro s*** talk might be another story. "Im not the type of n**** that you bump into at a 7-Eleven n jus pull your pistol on him n do what the f*** you wanna do. N***** like me...you gotta get permission homie" Fam...that might be THE most fuckouttahere moment on a album thats already overflowin wit fuckouttahere moments yo. Matter fact...lyrically Ricky's whole catalog is like a fountain of fuckouttahere moments...but THIS s*** is where n***** gotta draw the line. Dont NOBODY need permission to off this muthafucka son. You might gotta pay off a couple police...but that bout it. Ayo the pizza boy could clap his fat a** for not tippin him enough n he wont gotta pay no consequence for that s*** unless he get caught on security camera. Rawse aint no made n**** b. Stop it b...

8. Hold Me Back - This s*** dropped a few months before the album got leaked...so its been out for a minute. First off...this s*** sounds like some Lex Luger s***...but it aint. Son got that ignorance on deck tho. "I look in my fridge...my s*** lookin scarce"...Thats probably cuz you ate ey'thing bruh.

9. 911 - I see what this muthafucka tried to do here... Aight first off yo explain how the synths on this s*** sound exactly like the last s***... S*** sounds like its the Hold Me Back remix b. Word. So basically thats two beats that sound like Lex Luger s*** n neither one of em was actually produced by Lex Luger. Thats some fuckshit right there yo. But check it...this is tracks 8 n 9 son. You dont actually gotta be no mathematical Good Will Hunting a** n**** to piece this s*** together but tracks 8 n 9 on Teflon Don was MC Hammer n BMF...the two hardest joints on the album. AND them s**** was actually produced by Lex namsayin. So these tracks is like the color by numbers s***. This the watered down version of that glorious s*** from his last LP. Im appalled by that b. We wont even get into the whole fact that this one of the last dudes who should be makin a joint called 911. I dont care if he referrin to a Porsche.

10. So Sophisticated feat. Meek Mill - Now THIS s*** is a problem. Beat Bully killed this s***. Best part is it bangs but it aint dickridin nobody else style. Meek goes in....Rawse sayin some stupid s*** but he goin in too. Most of all tho the beat slaps. I f**** wit this.

11. Presidential feat. Elijah Blake - Theres two verisons of Pharrell b. First one is the dude who made Grindin for the Clipse n some other stipped down bangers like Snoop's Drop It Like Its Hot n Jay's Blue Magic. Then theres the dude who made all that Excuse Me Miss n high pitched singin commercial pop s*** for broads. This particular joint was kinda produced by a combination of both em n*****. Theres a boom bap type beat under all that smooth s*** goin on...its a hard track wit mad smooth s*** piled on top of it namsayin. I aint mad at it. But the dude singin the hook could crack the glasses in ya cupboards if you turn this s*** up too loud b. Son could make homie from the Stylistics sound like Isaac Hayes n s***.

12. Ice Cold feat. Omarion - Imma keep it 100 wit yall....I wasnt feelin this whole Omarion move at all yo. When Rawse signed the dude I was thinkin he might as well jus go sign Tevin Campbell n MC Brains while he at it. Like who the f*** else he gon sign...Teairra Mari? Blu Cantrell? Skeelo? But real s***...Omarion kinda doin his thing on these MMG joints. Yeah I said it. Probably gon regret that s*** in like 10 minutes tho. Anyways...it aint nothin amazin but I cant be mad at this joint.

13. Touch N You feat. Usher - I dont mean no hate by this yo...but f*** Usher. And f*** this audio baby s*** too.

14. Diced Pineapples feat. Wale & Drake aka The Shepherd of Faggotry - This is technically the 4th broad-catering joint in a row now yo. Im sayin...who the f*** sequenced this s***? But anyways..after some more of the usual spoken word intro s*** by the George Costanza of rap aka Olubowale...Ricky commences to spit some ol next level sucker s*** over the most hoe assed beat on the whole album. THEN...jus when you think this s*** cant get any more cornball...Mr Velveeta hisself emerges from his lagoon of dicks witta rose in his teeth again to somersault his way thru the hook n start croonin like a even more bitchass version of his usual bitchass self. How this Y chromosome deficient a** n**** is still gettin a pass I cant even tell you b... And yo...why these n***** always so depressin? Even when they braggin n boastin they sound like some emotional hoes. Aint even jus bout that sucker Drake namsayin. The song was wack even before his voice lactated all over it. But still...f*** the day that birthed the b****** who journeyed into that enchanted forest n pulled Drake's cryogenically fozen a** outta the womb of that prehistoric unicorn or whatever kinda magical creature he was found inside of n thawed him out for the world to hear anyways b. Sons been suckin on the same d*** of misery n loneliness since So Far Gone. And f*** this song too. This s**** like a sonic ejaculation from Lady Gaga's n****** son. I hope I never hear this s*** again b.

15. Ten Jesus Pieces feat. Stalley - This some more of that smoothed out J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League s***. Aint really nothin special...he actually coulda called this s*** Maybach Music V cuz it sounds like them joints do. Im sayin the s*** is kinda regular. Compared to the last s*** tho it sounds like G Thang. Stalley kinda saves this joint from fast forward status too. The Rawse bars aint nothin special tho.

>16. Triple Beam Dreams feat. Nas - They had to call this s*** a bonus track cuz Ricky wasnt smart enough to save it for the album namsayin. Think the husky n**** got a little too confident thinkin he was gon stay poppin tho. Somehow he thought this s*** was mixtape worthy...But his feet done cooled n now the hardest joint on his whole album jussa bonus track from 8 months ago on the "deluxe edition". This what happens when n***** start feelin theyselves too much tho. They get comfortable n throw they best tracks on mixtapes n come wit some halfass s*** when it comes to they albums. And that boy Nasir went hard on this muthafucka too b. Son spit 32 bars of that dopeboy s***...n them bars had crazy details n s***. And right there is when you hear the difference between a MC n a rapper. Nas paintin vivid a** portraits of a young dude in the projects comin from nothin n havin dreams of what he seen in movies like Scarface...he starts slingin his little rocks but his s*** got pookies frontin on his s***....n then this scenario unfolds namsayin...


I took it back to papi...aint tryna take no losses
He focuses on my emotionless young dealer face then pauses
He gives me powder...he has faith in Nas's ambitions to distribute coke
Had addicitions to gold chains, Mercedes Benz hopes...but again Im broke
This s*** aint cut for me...other dealers they up they orders
Barely at 62s...they already up to quarters

That s*** right there is the most honest moment on the album b. And that s*** probably wasnt even a true story yo...but that picture is so acurate son. He got his little canvas n he got his paints n s***...he got mad colors namsayin like yellow n blue n red n orange n purple n whatever... On the flip tho...that n**** Rozay dont even GOT a believable side namsayin. His s*** is all colored in crayolas...the little 3 pack joints tho that they be givin little n***** at Dennys n s***. His pictures aint artistic like that yo. Somehow the character in his movie always come out on top son. The character in his movies is a cross between The Terminator, Nino Brown, Warren Buffett n Zorro or some s***. Thats that b******* son. Son got zero chill in him...


17. Rich Forever feat. John Legend - As most yall already kno this s*** was also on the Rich Forever mixtape. Personally I think this s*** is jus aight. This s*** got John L. singin for a good minute before Wale...oh no wait thats actually Rawse...comes in n spits more victory bars. "A hundred mil aint enough" (But how would you kno that Ricky?) ..."Worth 40 m's...is he still dealin drugs?" (Try again b...you still over by like 15 mil). Anyways yo...the s*** cool. It jus aint really my favorite s*** or nothin like that.

This man is a victim of identity theft.

On some observational s*** tho...this n**** aint even spose to be here namsayin. Sons stars jus got aligned the right way at the right time n now he gettin cake off s*** most n***** would get they a** beat for. When 50 tried to end ol boy's career he actually did a thoro job of eatin the n***** food. He shoulda BEEN killed his career. Son took Ls galore. Ricky had a big a** L wit little Ls sprinkled on top of it. But somehow he let all em s**** slide offa him. Like he stay lightly coated in butter or some s***. But yo...lotta yall might take offense but somebody gotta get Ricky on a P365X program or some s*** cuz homies cholesterol levels must be buggin. Rawse look like he 5 years pregnant b. That rotund s*** is played out son. Most clothes dont come in that n***** size b...on some "S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL, XXXXL, RICK ROSS" s*** at the store yo. As a society we can do better tho. We gotta educate the kids namsayin. The seeds need to be learnin bout health n exercise n gettin they vitamins n nutrients so on n so forth namsayin...the No BPAs generation of little n***** nahmean. Word is bond. This joint aint for ey'body...but the s*** is whats poppin right now. I get that b. I aint gon front. But Rawse done dropped better s*** than this before namsayin.

2.5 Zeus Slaps outta 5

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Mean while..

The stans will outlast the fans on Thisis50. At the moment, they outnumber the fans. But until the end of time lets get one thing clear. You ride the entire industry d1ck to get back at 50 cent fans a** fruit fly niccas, yall ain't nothing about q**** loving missfits!

I agree TI50 is a subculture of confused stans pretending to hate 50 and acting like hip hop experts
Damn.... That review was harsh ( ouch )
Honest enough.

Beez In The Trap top comment

What the fck is wrong with today's hip hop?? This and "faded faded" and "Dont drop that thun thun" are all absolutely crap compared to 90's hip hop.. Remember 2pac, Biggie, Eazy E, Snoop, Ice Cube, Bone thugs, Dr dre, too short?? Name me a group of today's rappers anywhere near the level of these 90's rappers.. pitis2flie 4 hours ago 16
16 thumbs up.

The review was pretty much on point except for Sixteen, thats the best track on the album imo.
Lol @ those two pics. Both are on point
The whole world dissatisfied by the state of Hip Hop. But Still G.A.Y, Mic and SonGetWrec buying 50 copies of Roman Revenge and backing it up to Roman Holiday..
the album sucks and i ain't even heard it... won't ever hear it... i did listen to diced pine apples... s*** is weak
for real anybody that says this album is a good album is a f****** retard and needs to be checked in to a hospital... and any person from the hood that rocks to this s*** needs his a** whooped and his ghetto pass revoked... cuz we don't f*** with cops or fake G's


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