free 15 day trial for (*NERO 10*) burning rom with all the info you need if you wanna burn some dvds movies trust me I did it. just tryna help

all you need is to go buy some blank (*DVD-R*) disc make sure thier -R not +R
cuz only the DVD-R will play on common household dvd players

OK this is gonna seem overwhelming & like more of a pain in the a** than its worth I know but its not that hard. once you have downloaded a trail version after the trial offer expires which is 15 days I would just just remove it completely from your computer. I think its only about $50 or $60 to actually buy NERO but I would use a prepaid credit card but thats just me I am skeptical on giving out my information.
I am gonna try to give you detailed instructions on how to download & use everything just incase you get fustrated easily like me (lol) the trial version last 15 days & before you download it you should go to

that is where I download all my movies free. you just type in a movie you want & most of the time they will have it along with many video quality versions of it. they have different video quality versions which are usually labeled in with the movie title
go here to see what they mean,-DVDSCR,-CAM,-R5,-TS-and...

dvdrip is your best bet though. it basically dvd quality. try to watch the first 5 minutes of every movie to see if it is good quality though & if the audio matches the video just to be safe. then if you are satisfied with the quality hit refresh & right click the download link & click SAVE AS or SAVE TARGET AS & it will download. it usually takes about 3 or 4 hours well atleast on my computer. if I were you I would find 4 or 5 movies you like & have satisfactory video quality & download them all @ one time overnight while your sleeping or while your at work. you can do more than 4 or 5 @ one time but I wouldnt recommend it

after you have the movies downloaded you have to convert them into a wmv codec or whatever heres the link to download that

Your download should begin shortly. Otherwise, please click this download link manually or click the download links below.

click the one in the sentence not the ones on the left with states & citys next to them
when that is done downlaoding OPEN it & RUN it. when that is done you add your movies you downloaded from into the anyvideo converter ADD VIDEO box either by dragging them manualy from one tab to the any video converter tab or from your files. before you hit convert after you have placed or added the downloaded movie file make sure in the video converter set up where it says
profile : customized wmv movie (*wmv.)
that is the common video format you want. or atleast the one I use to convert my downloaded stagevu movies thru & then I am able to burn them thru NERO trial

ok heres the link to the newest nero 10 trial version

click that link & when you get to the page click download now next to the 292.5 mb
then it will take you to a page that says thank you for downloading nero 10 multimedia suite

Thank you for downloading Nero Multimedia Suite 10
Your download will begin in a moment. If it doesn't, click here to try again. Still having trouble? Visit the Download Help Center.

then the file download block will pop up cick on SAVE & then SAVE again when the other block pops up. let it download it should take only 5 minutes or so. then when its done downloading OPEN it up & click RUN & it will start to run & eventually it will say do you want to allow a progam to run on this computer os something like that & click YES. then you will have to clikc install a couple different times I think & dot click yes I ACCEPT THE NERO TERMS ect...

when the toolbar window pops up asking if you wanna use or add or nero tool bars I would just un-click the dot circles on all 3 they offer you & click continue or install

it should take around 15 - 20 minutes to install after you have done all your clicking (Lol)

after NERO is done installing thier should be (4) things that pop up on your desk top. here is a picture of them

the one that says NERO VISION 10 is the only one you need to click to BURN DVDS. its the only one I use or know how to use (lol) when you click on that it will take a second or two then a box will pop up that say NERO VISION XTRA & thier will be option on what would you like to do & ofcourse you want to MAKE DVD - DVD VIDEO when you click that a box nero product required will pop up just click CLOSE forget INFO. then you add the WMV converted stagevu download that you converted thru the any video converter & you can rename it so it says the actual movie title instead of a bunch of numbers & letter & you can add a picture for the movie into the menu screen & you can add chapters & everything

here is a youtube video that will help

any questions just holla @ me it seems like alot of s*** but if you wanna burn a s*** load of dvd movies new or old for free & easy just be patient & do this (lol)

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OK - OK - OK
Heres Free Nero, not a 15 day free trial lol
and heres the serial number 1C82-A0K5-19E5-MAAX-400F-XAXJ-K19J
it works perfect i use it myself
oh sweetness
your the man SHORTY
I only been able to use nero 9 & 10 trials for the 15 days then im stuck without burning capabilty
thanx MATE
I really really appreciate this

heres a couple movies I recommend you burn & watch when you get a chance

NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN (2007) josh brolin - javier bardem
FELON (2008) stephen dorf & val kilmer
SHERLOCK HOLMES (2009) robert downey jr. & jude law

those the last best 3 movies I seen
lol thanks man i have all 3 already im the dvd king i got about 400 original dvds an alotta copies aswell i use ConvertXtoDVD its really good and fast converting to dvd format, burnin
yeah I had t do a couple weeks research to fina everything I needed but I got no life so I fugured it out

you ever seen BEER LEAGUE (2006) I think ARTIE LANGE ??
you & your mates might get some laughs outta that movie when your faded
nah man il have a look out for it watched Brooklyns Finest yesterday f***** amazin movie about all these dodgey cops that dont know each other shows all there different stories but they all in-twine at the end like a taratino type s*** really good man ya should check it out
yup I seen & burned that
it was cool
RICHARD GERE atleast did something good before retiring as a cop
them dudes had a good ideal though keep girls locked away in a basement apartment as sex slaves (lol) I would never do it but I can see why they did
lolol yeap Joseph Fritzl style lol yal hear about him over there ? built a room under his house kept his own daughter captive in there for 25 years had 5,6 kids to her she only got out wit her kids last year , her kids didnt no there was an outside that room was all they knew crazy s***
yeah I red up on it after I seen this reply
damn that horrible @ 18 the girl coldnt find a way to escape for what 24 years ??

I seen a girl get abducted just like this when she was 11 I think JAYCEE LEE DUGAR by PHIL GARRIDO & kept hostage but in a s***** a** house that anyone could escape & was held for 18 years & had 3 or 4 kids I think but @ 11 its gotta f*** with you mind & probably makes you scared to run

but 18 your minds almost fully developed come on (lol)
yeah man sick f**** how could ya do that s*** especially to Ur own kids the mad b****** was gettin em alotta food then lockin em in , goin on holidays to thailand to f*** other kids, goin to spain an s*** lol it aint funny im laughin outta shock


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