you n***** don't get it do you?!? Tim invested in SMS cuz he KNOWS it's the top of the line for audio products... he has ownership and developement roles in the company now... i trust Tim's ear just as much as Dre's, but what does the f***** do? brings rick ross to ces with him lol... m********* for what lol ross ain't nothin and don't bring s*** to the table, just controversy because of 50. ross is just showing up to ces with dre cuz Beats is hostin a club spot that's it nothin more... after ces dre gon say "aight then ross..." he might get paid for the show but other than that he ain't got s*** to do with Beats... i told y'all ross ain't got no BUSINESS MIND!

rick ross is a straight up b**** too... 50 gon' be at the CES all week, he better hope 50 don't run in to him and have him flyin thru the air like them boys did gunplay lol... what does dr. dre gain from puttin rick ross' name next to his for beats? NOTHIN! He just gon' p*** off 50's fans and n***** gon' be like F*** DRE! that's why he will never release detox, because the detox album success will only come from another successfull 50 Cent release from interscope! with out 50 that lable is s***! think about it... when Em took his break and dre did nothin 50 was the only n**** out keepin you updated on them back stabbin a** n*****... the excitement came when 50 told you they're workin... from 09 - 13 Eminem and dre fell the f*** off from the top where they used to be, because no 50 in the picture. dre thinks rick ross is the answer when real n***** don't f*** with ross

50 is the BOSS B-O-S-S M-A-N & N**** WHAT... how many companies is that fat f*** CEO of? s*** dre ain't even CEO of beats!



50 Cent C|NET Interview

50 Cent MASHABLE Interview speaks on CES and Timbaland

50 Cent MSN Interview speaks on SMS Success, competition in headphones, Timbaland

50 Cent Gizmodo Australia interview

SMS Audio rep introducing new SMS products with Bluetooth Technology, and SMS Audio SKITTLES AND MORE!

SMS Audio rep introducing more new products and designs

Beats By Dre rep introducing the new PILL by Beats

Snooki introducing her new line of fashionable headsets


those pictures are of the party Beats was hosting and pictures of 50 before of after an interview was shot... also the booth where the SMS headphones were displayed... i didn't get none of the beats booth cuz i got hella of the party shots. i ain't tryna over load lol


15 Minutes With 50 Cent at CES 2013

LAS VEGAS—Given his resume, which includes a successful rap career, stints on the silver screen, and even a video-game incarnation, you might say 50 Cent is a bit of a modern-day renaissance man. So it should come as no surprise that, in the age of celebrity-endorsed everything, he would throw his fitted hat into the headphone ring. We had a chance to sit down with 50 Cent at this year’s CES to discuss his company, SMS Audio, and his thoughts on the state of celebrity endorsements.

“There had to be something better—if I couldn’t find it, I wanted to create it.” The quote, by 50 Cent, was featured prominently on the SMS Audio booth at this year’s CES, and from our brief conversation it was clear that 50 didn’t simply slap his moniker onto a pair of cans and call it a day. He spoke passionately about his SYNC and STREET headphones, and, though our reviewer found issue with the former, I couldn’t help but believe in his mission statement.

When you think of celebrity-endorsed headphones, you think of Beats by Dre. It would be impossible to consider SMS Audio without comparing its products with Beats. But when asked about competing with the venerable Dr. Dre, there was no signature rapper bravado. 50 didn’t take the opportunity to tout his products as the clearly superior or point out the flaws in the competition.

“It’s not a competition between us, we’re on the same label, we bounce ideas off each other,” said 50. And that sentiment seemed genuine—Beats is Beats and SMS is SMS. The two, from the rapper’s perspective, can peacefully coexist.

Even when I brought up the comical announcement of Jersey Shore star Snooki’s recent foray into headphones, 50’s response was nothing but kind and encouraging. It certainly belied his Wikipedia page, which devotes an entire section to his many feuds.

“I’m not trying to go up against Beats or any of them, I want to be compared with companies like Bose,” he said, indicating his grander aspirations.

I had a chance to try out some SMS headphones for myself. I know they’re flashy. I know the bass is overly exaggerated and the sound signature decidedly sculpted. But truth be told, I don’t give a damn about flat-response. I like jawbone-rumbling bass and music loud enough to ensure long-term hearing loss.

If there was one take away point from my conversation with 50 Cent, it was this: There’s a headphone pair for every occasion, and more power to the sea of me-too celebs churning out their own lines. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll find myself in Seaside and in need of Snooki’s rhinestone encrusted cans. Maybe.

Yo, everybody watch the videos, look at the pictures, and read the new excerpt i just added in from Eugene Kim over at PCMAG.COM. it's a good read, and gives you a lil more insight on 50's view on competing with Dr. Dre and everybody else in the Headphone Game... enjoy. leave comments and opinions... leave the homoshit at the gaybar... faggots lol... no offense to gaypeople the n***** who i'm speakin to know excatly who they are... enjoy

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n**** everybody gettin on it... that b**** is everywhere though... name gettin put on everything. i don't know the b**** never watched any show she be on... hell i didn't even know who Pauly D was til 50 signed him, but that b**** be makin dough... but she don't know s*** about boxin or music, but s*** lol
When was Dre's last hit?? Either single or production hit.
I need a doctor is an eminem record.
Timbaland has had many hits. sure dre gave 50 some big hits in 2003 + 2005 but Curtis album and after that dre did nothing for 50.
Timbaland gave 50 a bigger hit than In Da Club - Ayo Technology.

lmfao now we gon' discredit all dre's hits cause of 50's lil headphones? lmfao
now we really gon compare dre's legacy to timberlands? hahahah timbo got hits but his legacy aint on dre's level...

as for the thread its kinda irrelevent....as u stated dre made atleasst 10 million alone of dre beats ALREADY and have ventured to bigger things beyond just headphones they installin' dre beats system in nice vehicles now so i really, REALLY dont think dre worryin' bout 50 lil' deal wit timbo....

300 Million split with Iovine.

150 Million Net.

My Lady bought me the wireless Beats for Christmas. They a PROBLEM!

jesus christ 150 mill net? lmfao i said 10 mill that was a uneducated guess....so im thinkin' wit that much money made off dre beats already and u gettin' BIGGER im missin' how 50 deal wit timbo is about to change the landscape of wireless headphones??? lmao

50 could make 100 trillion dollas offa sms for all i care is that gone make SKI betta?...if dre is teamin' wit ross its cause of advertisement purposes...period and dre beats was already big before ross......sms will be bigger cause of the timbo deal


Yeah that wAs a HORRIBLE guess my n*gga! DRE was like #3 on Forbes list of top celebrity earners of 2012. Beats is EVERYWHERE. When you got cougar broads like Oprah and milfs like Rachael Ray pumping your product to the masses you done made it. DRE don't need to produce anymore and he knows this.


50 gettin there didn't he have that Gail chick talkin bout them, and i think SMS was on RACHAEL RAY too... i couldn't find the video but i got this one

no it was 159 million split with iovine... HTC bought 50.1% for 308 mill than sold back 25% for 150 mill... them wireless beats you got is poppin? they're bluetooth right?
Yeah they're dope. Bluetooth and some other cool features.
Ayo Tech was NOT a bigger hit than In Da Club.

In Da Club is 50s biggest hit to date.
^^^^ thank u somebdoy wit sense in this thread...
who made the in da club beat? 50 biggest record? oh
Lmao @ zv

"Timbaland gave 50 a bigger hit than In Da Club - Ayo Technology."





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