Hello pumpkin. I know I've neglected you over the years with all the cheating I've been doing on your mother. However, she and I had a discussion last nite after our make-up sex. It has been brought to my attention that you are entering adolescence and as any concerned father would do, I feel it is time to discuss the "birds and the bees" with my little girl!

You are entering a pivotal point in your life. As you begin your transition into womanhood, you will experience physical, mental, and emotional changes. All those boys that you've come so accustomed to playing Dragonball Z with may suddenly become attractive and you may feel desires to engage in lude sexual behavior. I highly advise against this sweetie. For those same boys are also going through changes and as they do, they only have one thing on their mind: deflowering virgins.

I know this is overwhelming sweetie. But as a man, I feel it is important for you to be aware of these harsh realities. Now, as far as your physical changes are concerned, I do not want you to be saddened or upset if your breasts do not develop as quick as the other girls your age. Please understand that every girl develops differently. In this day and age of celebrity obsession, I do not want you to get caught up in trying to be like the Kim Kardashians and Beyonce's of the world. The average woman doesn't look like that anyway, which is why those women are celebrities in the first place.

I would like you to watch this video. I know its a little dated, but the information contained within still holds true to this day:

Indeed, YOU ARE BECOMING A WOMAN! It is time for your mother and I to purchase training brassiers and tampax for our little EZ. Enjoy this time for it only happens once. Your mother will go into further details about your monthly cycle as she can explain it better than I can.

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Me too. EZ dug herself quite a hole, didn't she???

"I'm A Drama Setter. I Don't Go Looking For No Trouble But Somehow The Trouble Always Finds Me..."

Welp Looks Like SonGetWrec killed EZ
Time for me to be The Undertaker and Give him a proper Burial

On May 11, 2012 The Spirit Of Death Claimed The Soul Of EZ.

If We Are To Learn Anything From This Tragedy, It Is Simply This: "DON'T TALK THE TALK, IF YOU CAN'T WALK THE WALK. PHONY N!GGAZ ARE OUTLINED IN CHALK"-Inspectah Deck

rofl SonGetWrec is poster of the year 2012 thus far

Thank You, Thank You!

Be Sure To Catch The Encore Performances And Make Sure You Spread The Word About #SONGETWREC's MASTERPIECE THEATER!

I see u fahggots still sword fencing (ew).. cut it out..


ROFL WTF???Look at EZ in the blue shirt...ROFL..thats the niggah' that be on here typin' tuff fueled by lyrics from get rich...ahahah'

LMFAO...yeah that's what's I said D.R.E. Anyway, the homie Yayo's No Man made a eulogy thread for my dearly departed daughter. I would appreciate it if you left your condolences. I'm having a rough time with this grieving process and I could use some support. Oh yeah, #MDALLDAY.

lol Damn I've been missing stans getting Ethered
how this got started?

it started when in the forums u cant have an opinion on things 50 cent unless its positive....i said pass the patron was wack as f*** and this niggah' EZ aka Elizabeth started havin' temper tantrums in EVERY THREAD for months now...i son'd him hurt his feelings now my homie songetwrec came and i just tied him up and hung him in the air but songetwrec just pushed away the chair...now he R.I.P...THEY MAKIN' THE FORUMS BORIN' every thread is like comparing every artist to gunit its few niggahs left here thats diverse ...nowadays its just these lil cornball niggahs stalkin' niggahs comments and postin the same lame a** jokes in every thread...so now EZ's gone now that clown as niggah Edgars next...we rebuildin' this s*** to be like '08 again...poppin'... nobody mad, ethers still gon' be poppin' but atleast it wont be so elementary...


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